A New Option | Vancouver to Amritsar via Singapore!

As we look for new developments in the Canada to India flight space, in addition to finding cheap flights to India there has been some news for flights via the Pacific.  Singapore Airlines has adjusted its schedule from Singapore to Amritsar.  The new schedule connects to the Air Canada service from Vancouver.  As many from the Punjabi community have been asking for a service to their home province for decades, we are one step closer to something that could make sense for the massive number of people who want a simple way to get from Canada to Amritsar.  While the change in schedule by Singapore Airlines is only for the summer flights it could be extended if the change is a success.

As the change has just been made cheap India flights are not available on this route yet.  We expect Air Canada to file a fare in the next few weeks to determine if this new option for Canada to India flights can be a success.  With the massive numbers of potential travellers from Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto from the Punjabi community this may be a perfect new option for India travellers this fall and winter.

We also continue to see a high level of bookings for the fall and winter seasons as customers are booking their Canada to India flights early to secure cheap India flights.  The business class seat sale on a large number of carriers including Air India, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Air India and Etihad is driving a large number of people to make a decision early.  Many people are saving as much as $3000 on their business class flights which means cheap India flights for those who have made their decision to go to India this year.

Passengers looking for cheap India flights from Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga are finding that KLM and Air France continue to be the most aggressive of the carrier groups from this Eastern Canadian market.  Right now, you can find a flight on Air France to Delhi from Toronto for only $1600.  The price is very low, but it only includes 1 bag and does not allow changes, which is a huge risk when travelling to India for a lengthy period.  Air India’s popular direct flight service from Toronto to New Delhi is only $200 more at $1800.  As Air India fare allows to free checked bags, changes for a fee and is a direct service it is still the most popular in the market.  With fares on the low side this fall it makes sense to book early and save for your cheap India flight from Toronto, Brampton or Mississauga.

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Customers looking for a cheap India flight from Vancouver, Surrey or Abbotsford are also enjoying low prices for the fall.  Once again KLM and Air France are leading the way in providing cheap flights to India.  The lowest price option from Vancouver, Surrey or Abbotsford to New Delhi is only $1450 this fall flying with KLM via Amsterdam on the outbound and with Air France via Paris on the return.  While this is a great option Air India continues to be the by far the most popular in the Western Canadian market for flights to India.  On dates this fall Air India is available for $1800 from Vancouver.  While this is a significantly higher amount than the Air France/KLM combination, the flexibility that is available on Air India means it is by far the most popular option from the West Coast of Canada.

With a lot of news in the past week, there is room for optimism for those hoping to secure a cheap India flight from Canada to India this year.  While the business class seat sale is providing most of the excitement in the market for fall and winter bookings, it could mean an economy seat sale is not far behind.  The competition is heating up between the different carriers hoping to secure a large chunk of the market to India.  With summer just around the corner expect airline to change their focus to fall flights and fight for their share of the business to India this year, which will hopefully mean cheap flights to India for you.

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