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Do you want to book a cheap flight to India?  There is additional news coming from Air India in the past week that will help.  Air India has now started flying to Amsterdam, Milan and Copenhagen in Europe as the airline continues to rise after privatization.  The additional flights to Europe will allow new connections from North America as Air India is part of the Star Alliance.

The Star Alliance includes United Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, and Austrian Airlines along with others and they can connect flights from North America to these new routes with Air India.  All of this additional capacity will slowly start to reduce prices as a higher number of available seats will create the opportunity for cheap India flights.

Another piece of news that has started to show itself in the last few weeks is a general economic slowdown in Canada as high interest rates are having the impact they were designed to.  While this is not great news for the economy in general, it is having an impact on demand for flights from Canada to India.  We are seeing lower volumes as the pent-up demand to India and all other destinations has gone through the system and people are no longer willing to pay high prices for air travel.  This will mean cheap India flights sooner rather than later as airlines like Air India, KLM and Air France will have no choice but to reduce air ticket prices to India.

In addition to all of this, the government continues to state that they will significantly reduce immigration targets over the summer, this will have another massive impact on the demand in the system for India to Canada passengers which will allow cheap flights from Canada to India later this Fall.

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For customers looking to buy a cheap ticket to India this fall, there are great prices available from both Toronto and Vancouver, but you need to purchase soon rather than wait until the last minute.  Departing from Toronto to New Delhi the Air France, KLM, and Delta group of carriers is offering the lowest price in the market with prices available from $1639.  If you want to stick to a direct flight, Air India is the lowest of the two options with a price of $1979.  If you like the Air Canada brand then you will be paying significantly more as they are offering a price of $2790 on their direct flight service.  In addition, on Air Canada’s flight from Toronto to New Delhi only allows 1 free piece of checked baggage whereas a similar service on Air India will give you two free checked-in pieces of luggage.

For those passengers buying a cheap India flight from Vancouver, your prices are even better!  You can now purchase a ticket from Vancouver to Delhi on Air France for only $1470!  A great price considering it is departing from Vancouver as compared to Seattle.  We can see that the competition is starting to heat up!  Even the always popular direct flight on Air India from Vancouver to Delhi is only $1750 which is a great price considering the convenience of not stopping on your flight to India.

As we are entering a new era for travel in the post-pandemic and slower economic growth we are finally starting to see real pricing power come back to the customer which means cheap India flights for you!  It has been almost 5 years since the pandemic began and all of the issues it created around travel to India.  Now that the pent-up demand has gone through the system and people are becoming more conscious of how they spend their money we should expect lower ticket prices as the multitude of factors have reduced the power of the air carriers to keep prices high will mean cheap India flights sooner rather than later!

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