Air Canada Announces India Options from Vancouver & Calgary!

Are you looking for cheap India flights?  There has been a huge announcement that will help you find a cheap flight to India this Fall and Winter!  Air Canada has massively increased their service from Canada to India from 3 major cities.

For Vancouver, they will now be flying from Vancouver to London every day which will connect seamlessly to a new London to Delhi service also operated by Air Canada.  This new option will only have a 1 hour and 40-minute connection at Heathrow allowing a new flight for those passengers departing from Vancouver to Delhi.

In addition, Air Canada will fly from Calgary to Delhi via London as well.  On the Calgary to Delhi flight, the same aircraft will be used.  Passengers must depart the plane in London while it is cleaned and re-fueled for the journey to New Delhi.  For passengers from Calgary looking for cheap flights to India, this is massive news as they have never had this type of service in the past so this is a reason to celebrate.

Finally, Air Canada has also increased capacity on their Montreal to Delhi flight to a daily service.  This is a huge jump in the number of available seats for passengers via Montreal.  The massive increase in the number of available seats on the Canada to India route will have an impact on the prices you will pay this Fall, which should be greatly reduced from last year.

The one company that will be negatively impacted by all of this new capacity is Air India.  Their control of the market in Western Canada should take a hit but the competition will mean cheap India flights for those who have been waiting for a new India travel service to enter the market.  Overall this is great news for those who want Canada to India tickets.

Those looking for cheap India flights from Toronto are continuing to find that KLM & Air France are providing the best prices to Delhi.  You can find a fare as low as $1369 via Amsterdam in both directions, but this is a basic fare that only allows one piece of free baggage and has very restrictive rules.  If you are looking for a more convenient option Air India is available from $1939 providing two free bags and direct service from Toronto to New Delhi.

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If you are departing a flight from Vancouver, Surrey or Abbotsford to New Delhi KLM and Air France are also providing a cheap flight to India from this market.  Right now, fares are available from $1450 including taxes, but once again this is a basic fare that does not provide all of the services you may require including 2 free checked bags.  Air India is once again the most popular option from Vancouver with fares costing more at $1630 but you will get a direct flight and two free checked bags included.

With Air Canada providing the huge news this week that they are significantly increasing their capacity to New Delhi, India from Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal we are in for an exciting India travel season.  Now that Air Canada has increased the number of seats they will have to eventually drop their prices to fill all of the new capacity.  This price drop will in turn force Air India to provide similar cheap flight prices to India this year.  With all of this news happening early in June and a lot of time for other airlines to provide their capacity increases and pricing changes, we should be in for a great year with lots of cheap flights to India!

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