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As everyone already knows looking for cheap India flights is tricky if not impossible these days due to the travel restrictions Canada has put in place due to high COVD numbers in India.  The big question being asked for those in India is “Can I travel to Canada from India Right now?”  The short answer is “Yes!” The vast majority of people, cannot find a way into Canada from India, but the experienced agents of Bains Travel know the rules and what needs to be done to get you home.  If you are looking to get to Canada, we have been able to help a small handful of passengers to travel from India via Mexico.  While this route is not cheap it is the best way we have found to help those who are willing to make the extra-long trip to get to Canada.

For those passengers willing to make the trip they need to travel via Europe to Mexico.  Once in Mexico, you need to get a negative COVID test which allows you to fly to Canada.  The rules that the Canadian government currently has in place state that COVID tests in India do not qualify for entry into Canada.  This rule is one of the main drivers for the low numbers of people able to travel to Canada.  As those taking the journey have faced problems along the way we have helped each passenger individually to manage any problems that may arise during the trip.  If you or your loved one is currently stuck in India and wishing to come as soon as possible, Bains Travel is here to help.

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For those who are looking to get a cheap India flight later in the fall when we all assume that many restrictions will be gone, we continue to see bookings for that period.  It is now being reporting that fully vaccinated travellers will no longer have to quarantine when returning to Canada.  Most if not all bookings are being completed on direct flights with Air Canada to New Delhi.  If you are looking to purchase a flight on Air Canada this fall from Toronto you find flights for as low as $1120.  If you want to book cheap India from Vancouver, Air Canada offers fares as low as $1100.

While we are once again in a difficult situation for travel between Canada and India, we are hopeful that COVID cases will continue to drop.  Unfortunately, we have no idea if the flights between our countries will be re-stated soon.  If you are one of those who need to leave India right away, we can help.  We have helped many clients travel from India to Canada through Mexico without any issues and we will make sure we are there every step of the way.

If you do need a flight from India to Canada we are here to help and we can find a way to get you home safely and securely.

For those who are planning to travel to India this fall now is the time to book with cheap India flights available for those who are willing to plan for a positive future!

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