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If you are looking for cheap India flights and the most up-to-date information on travel from Canada to India, you have come to the right place.  Bains Travel has the most experienced India specialist travel agents in Canada, and we are doing our best to keep you updated weekly via this blog.  If you are looking for cheap flights from Toronto to India, Vancouver to India, or from any of the major cities in Canada, we have the best fares and the most knowledge!

In order to better serve our customers, one of our team members made the trip to India on the Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi to understand the conditions of the airports, flight and COVID restrictions.

The most important reminder that we must convey is that travellers need to obtain a fresh emergency visa if they are not an OCI card holder.  On this single flight our colleague witnessed at least 5 passengers being denied boarding because they did not have the correct visa.  Overall, the check-in process from Canada is very smooth as the airports themselves are not overly busy with a large number of flights.  At YVR none of the food or shop outlets are open except for World Duty Free.  In addition, masks are required at all times.

While flying on the Air Canada direct service from Vancouver to Delhi there are a few rules due to COVID.  First of all, a mask is required at all times, and you are only permitted to remove it while eating.  If you remove your mask while sleeping you will be woken up and asked to put it back on.  The mask rule is very strict, so it is important that you are comfortable wearing a mask for an extended period of time.

All meals being served on the flight are cold as Air Canada is doing everything it can to prevent any extra handling of the food.  The first meal is Indian style chick peas with veggies packed by Vij’s.  The second meal is served approximate 6 hours into the flight and is a mixed veggie wrap from Freshie.  The final meal is served about an hour before landing and is a quinoa bean wrap.  It is recommended that passengers do bring their own food to supplement the options that Air Canada is offering.  Overall, the service level on the flight is very good, and you will have a comfortable flight.

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For the landing of the Air Canada direct flight to India the first important time saving step is to fill out the Self Reporting Form.  This can be filled out as soon as your flight is booked, and should be completed before arrival to save significant hassle.  As with the rest of your trip, masks are mandatory at the airport in Delhi.

After departing the flight there are two queues before immigration takes place, one for passengers who have received a COVID exception and another for those who don’t.  It is strongly advised that a COVID test is done before departure and have an exemption form in hand.  The exemption form is also available on newdelhiairport.in and must be applied for after receiving your negative COVID result and at least 1 day before your flight.  Having the exemption form completed correctly will save approximately 3-4 hours of time at the airport.

If you were unable to get a COVID test report before your trip your best option will be to book a RT-PCR test inside the Delhi airport.  If you get tested at the airport you will most likely be waiting 2 to 3 hours to receive the test and have the results in about 8 hours.  If you do not have a negative COVID result, you will need to enter institutional quarantine for 7 days at a cost of $100 per day.  As there are options to avoid the hassle of quarantine, it is important to follow the rules outlined above.

As there are new procedures in place to avoid the spread of COVID 19, it is extra beneficial to work with a Bains Travel agent who has direct knowledge of the best way to navigate these policies! Working with one of our experts will ensure you have a safe and hassle-free trip to India.  And don’t forget, we always have the best prices for cheap flights to India!

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