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The number of new bookings for India flights has continued to increase as more people are comfortable travelling with the COVID caseload in India which is continuing to fall quickly.  In fact, the Indian government feels that India may have passed their highest levels of the pandemic! This is all great news for anyone looking to travel to India.  For those who were waiting to book, hoping for even cheaper flights to India, prices have actually started to rise.  While they are still much lower than they have been in past years it is a good idea to buy soon if you want the best price on your flight to India.

One factor out of North America that will put pressure on pricing is that Lufthansa Airlines has been denied access to fly passengers from the United States and Canada to India, as a result there are less options for flights to India which means higher prices.  Unfortunately, if you are looking to buy cheap India flights from Canada you will most likely be purchasing the direct flight on Air Canada or Air India. 

In addition, British Airways has some great pricing available but many customers are weary of stopping anywhere.  If you do take British Airways their service levels are similar to what they were offering pre-pandemic which is great news.  British Airways has not scheduled their service out of Vancouver until December, but flights are available out of TorontoIf you want a very cheap flight to India, British Airways is going to be your best bet but the vast majority of people are sticking with the direct flights.

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If you are looking for flights from Toronto to India the most popular option is the Air Canada direct flight to Delhi.  Most clients are still only interested in booking one-way flights.  If you want to purchase a ticket one-way from Toronto to Delhi on the Air Canada direct flight you will be looking around $799.  If you want the reverse flight from Delhi to Toronto the price is around $729.  This is a reversal of pricing from a few months back when there was many stranded Canadians in India.

Pricing has changed back to a something we would find more normal.  We are also seeing an uptick in customers buying round-trip trip tickets for the fall and winter where you can find prices as low as $1399 on the direct Air Canada flight.  Pricing from Toronto has gone up in the past few weeks as more purchases are being made so it makes a lot of sense to secure your cheap India flight today.

For passengers flying from Vancouver to India once again the vast majority of travellers are using the Air Canada direct flight to Delhi.  If you want to purchase a one-way ticket from Vancouver to Delhi the fares are a bit better than Toronto with flights from only $679.  If you want purchase a reverse ticket on the Air Canada direct flight from Delhi to Vancouver pricing is as low as $719.  Once again, we are seeing a big uptake on clients wanted to purchase round trip ticket which are available from $1189.  We have seen pricing go up slowly out of Vancouver as well, so now is the right time to purchase your cheap ticket to India.

If you are looking for cheap India tickets from Vancouver or Toronto or anywhere in Canada now is the time is a great time to lock in your low price!

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