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For those of you who are looking for the best way to get access to cheap India flights, you have come to the right place.  In this latest update, we continue to focus on the pace of vaccinations and increased bookings for the fall and winter.  Most people now have a family member or friend who has received their first shot of vaccine and the pace in Canada is finally starting to increase with big deliveries expected throughout April and May.

While travelling to India this summer might be difficult with the existing restrictions in place, it is looking more and more like that they will be removed or significantly reduced for the fall and winter peak season travel period for India.  As airlines who are allowed to fly to India for the fall and winter are aggressively pursuing this market, there is a great opportunity to secure a cheap flight to Delhi for Vancouver or Toronto today.  We are all expecting that fares will increase as more customers commit to seeing their friends and family this year.

If you are planning to travel from Toronto to India there are some great options available.  If you are looking to purchase a cheap India flight British Airways has released some low prices.  You can fly from Toronto to Delhi via London for as low as $899 including all taxes and fees!  With the UK being so far ahead in vaccinations we are very confident that this will be a great option to fly this fall.

For those who want to travel in the next few weeks the direct flight on Air Canada or Air India is the best option available.  Travelling one-way from Toronto to Delhi on Air Canada flights are available from $579, if you need a one-way flight from Delhi back to Toronto fares are much higher as flights are full with students coming to attend university with prices starting from $1,099.  You can save some money if you would consider travelling via Vancouver but that route is much longer.

Finally, if you are looking to purchase a round-trip ticket you can fly on the Air Canada direct flight from Toronto to Delhi for $1,299.  If you are willing to return further into the summer you can avoid the rush of students coming here which can drastically reduce your air ticket price to India.

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Travelling out of Vancouver to Delhi has similar but lower fares, with British Airways leading the way for booking this fall and winter.  If you are looking for the rock bottom price to India it is only $849 flying through London.  It will be almost impossible to find a cheaper price for India this year!

For those who have no choice but to travel to India in the next few weeks the Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi is the way to go.  You can buy a one-way ticket from Vancouver to Delhi for only $539 which is an amazing price.  Once again, flights are very full on the return trip where a flight from India to Vancouver will cost about $1,159 with a round-trip flight starting from only $1,199 including all taxes and fees.

Once again COVID and vaccines are leading the news with regards to travel to India.  While travel now is being strongly discouraged with quarantine rules in place, the vaccination pace in Canada should hopefully open things up over the next weeks and months.  While we all doing our best to follow the rules and regulations by staying close to home while we wait for our shot, we are hoping our hard work will pay off with travel being encouraged later in the year.  For those who are planning to travel to India this fall now is the time to book with cheap India flights available for those who are willing to plan for a positive future!

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