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For the vast majority of travellers going to India this year they have paid more than they have wanted to as only a few were able to secure that Cheap India Flights that have grown accustomed to.  While our agents do have the knowledge and the creativity to find different options the vast majority of people are sticking to the direct flights on Air Canada and Air India to Delhi.  This is by far the safest and easiest option for your India trip, but it will cost more than anyone has paid in the past 5 or 10 years.

Since prices are high for this fall and flights are already quite full for the rest of this year, most of the bookings we are seeing are now for Winter and Spring 2022.  While most customers are using the direct flight on Air Canada, we are finding more and more people looking to travel their outbound journey via New York with United Airlines or Frankfurt with Lufthansa or even Doha on Qatar Airways hoping to find a lower price.  With the cost of the direct flight so high and the fact the Canadian government has almost forced all passengers to take the direct India service on the return, many are finding a different route into India to save money.

For passengers travelling out of Toronto looking for flights to India, most have decided to wait until the spring to avoid the vast increase in the price of the direct flight.  We have seen many tickets being purchased from Toronto to Delhi via Air Canada and Qatar Airways via Doha.  While this route maybe not be the fastest, it will save you money as the direct flight to Delhi is extra expensive.  We do have many customers on the sidelines hoping for prices to drop but with demand so heavy from Toronto it doesn’t look likely unless the rules change.  In addition, to the route via Doha, many clients have booked via Newark Airport in New York to travel on the United Airlines direct flight to Delhi.  While this flight option is not a cheap way to get to Delhi, it is priced at a lower rate than Air Canada at this moment.  Overall passengers travelling from Toronto to Delhi are looking for other ways to get to India, knowing that they will most likely have no choice but to book the Air Canada or Air India flight back to Toronto.

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For customers looking to travel out of Vancouver to Delhi or anywhere in India, this story remains very similar to Toronto.  There are strong bookings for the late winter and spring on the direct Air Canada flight to India, but less so early in 2021.  Passengers are once again looking to find creative ways to get to India to save money.  We have recently been helping customers fly to Delhi via Tokyo and Bangalore on Japan Airlines.  These bookings are one-way only with all the passengers still returning on the Air Canada direct flight from Delhi to Vancouver.  While this route is saving customers a few hundred dollars it is still not the cheap flight to India that many were hoping to get this year.

Many families who travel from Vancouver to Delhi every year are having to send only one or two people from the family for festivities in India this year.  In addition, with more flyers from Calgary and Edmonton joining the Vancouver flight to get to India, it is adding additional people to these direct flights which of course raises prices even further.

Overall, we have seen a very busy booking season for travel to India from Canada this year.  With so many missing their trip last year they have decided to pay a higher price to get back to India in 2021.  Air Canada and Air India have been the major beneficiaries because they both offer the direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi and Toronto Delhi.  As these two companies have cornered the market for India this year, they have both been able to raise prices to a level not seen before.  While many people miss the fact, they could not get the cheap India flight they wanted, they decided that it was more important to visit loved ones they have seen for many years.  Overall, we hoping prices drop over the next few months as restrictions should continue to be removed.  Be sure to keep in touch with Bains Travel to make sure that whatever happens, you will get the best price on your ticket to India while always ensuring you have a helping should you need it.

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