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This week if you are looking for cheap tickets to India, it is best to avoid travel in the next few weeks as prices remain very high. While we are seeing a bit of a break in June, travel in May is extremely expensive as return flights from India to Canada are almost completely sold out.

As many Canadians are looking forward to the summer in this country, many are purchasing flights from India to Canada. Many recent immigrants are buying tickets for their parents or other relatives to join them here in Vancouver and Toronto for our beautiful summer weather, and to avoid the extreme heat in India.

For anyone looking to buy a cheap flight to India from Canada or a reverse ticket from Delhi to Vancouver or Toronto, it is best to buy early. Those who have waited hoping for prices to drop are paying high prices or even cancelling their trips now and booking months into the future.

For those ready to book now it is very important to work with a local travel agent who understands the rules and regulations, and can assist you should any issues arise during your journey.  Our Abbotsford travel agency serves the Indian community in Mission, Abbotsford, Langley and Maple Ridge. While our Surrey travel agency focuses on those who live in Surrey itself along with other parts of the Eastern Fraser Valley. Our Vancouver travel agency has been servicing the needs of local citizens along with many customers from the rest of B.C. and Alberta.

Our Mississauga travel agency services most of the citizens in the eastern part of the country with many of their customers residing in Mississauga, Toronto and Brampton. With agents covering much of the country and our ability to work remotely allows us to help you book any India trip now or at any point in the future!

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For those travellers looking to buy India tickets now for travel in the next few weeks, most customers are purchasing tickets on Air India as they are providing a convenient option while providing a much lower price than Air Canada. The Air Canada direct flight is completely sold out on most days, as they have struggled to move passengers around because of cancellations due to the closure of Russian airspace.

While some customers are purchasing expensive India flights at the last minute, most have now shifted their focus to finding a cheap India flight later in the fall and winter. Right now, you can find a cheap India flight from Toronto to Delhi on Air France for only $1,500, this price has already risen in the past few weeks, and the expectation is that it will continue to go up as customers purchase this great India flight option from Toronto.

For those looking to buy a ticket to India from the Vancouver area, many customers are booking the Air India option in the next few weeks as the Air Canada direct flight is extremely full. While Air India is extremely expensive as well, it is one of the best options for customers wanting to book last-minute flights to India.

As with Toronto many Vancouver customers are now ready to find a cheap India flight this fall. For those ready to book, Air France is leading the way on pricing with India ticket prices starting from $1,400. As many carriers have still not started service to India prices may remain high this year with most of the traffic coming via Europe so it makes sense to book early and lock in your savings.

With the India flight prices very high over the next few weeks, we are finding more customers willing to book early for the fall and winter to ensure that they get a cheap India flight this year. While many customers continue to check prices hoping they will drop with escalating fuel prices and lack of options due to many worldwide factors, there is a high likelihood they will continue to rise. With the high prices on both the Air Canada & Air India direct flights from Canada, many are looking to purchase their tickets on British Airways and Air France to save money. The best idea to secure a cheap flight to India this year is to plan and book now before prices go up.

If you want to see last week’s cheap India flight blog, please click here and remember Bains Travel is your go-to place for any India flights or India tours!  Travelling from Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, Toronto, Mississauga, Bampton, Calgary, Edmonton or anywhere else in Canada to India we have been doing it longer and better than anyone else!

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