Canada Has Dropped India Specific Rules for COVID Testing!

If you are looking to purchase a cheap India flight now or anytime in the next few months or weeks, we have finally received positive news! Canada has finally changed their testing rule aligning it with all other countries on the planet! 

Now, you can finally get tested at any certified lab in India to receive your negative COVID results.  Previously, our government was forcing citizens to get tested in a 3rd country or at a specific lab at Delhi airport, resulting in most traffic arriving on the direct flights with Air Canada and Air India.

Now that this particular rule has been relaxed, it has opened up all kinds of options via Europe and the Middle East for travel to and from India.  The increased competition has one significant impact, low prices for you!  We are finally seeing some real change on the India flights, which will once again allow you to find the cheap flight to India you have been looking for!

While the Canadian government has made a significant change, the Indian government continues to use travel bubbles which will have an impact on travel, especially for Indian citizens.  With the extreme testing requirement being changed to a more sensible regime, customers can finally confidently book on most carriers through Europe, including British Airways via London and KLM through Amsterdam.

Because you need to stop and change planes, you will be able to get a lower price on your India flight.  In addition, this increased capacity will remove the complete control of the market by Air Canada & Air India which should also mean cheap India flights when you book the direct service as well!

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For those passengers looking to buy a flight from Toronto to Delhi, the direct flights are still proving the most popular as customers are trying to become comfortable with the new rules.  If you are looking to purchase a round trip ticket on the Air Canada direct flight prices are still very high at close to $2,600. 

One option that can save you a significant amount of money is to leave on the direct flight which is wide open and return on a partner carrier such as United Airlines.  You can find this combination for as low as $1,472.  If you want to save even more money you can fly on United in both directions for a cost of $1,392.  Overall, prices from Toronto to India are finally starting to move in the right direction as more options become available.

If you are flying from Vancouver to Delhi, the flight capacity is very similar to what we are seeing out of Toronto.  The price to purchase the Air Canada direct flight in both directions will start around $2,390, but just as with flights from Toronto if you are willing to stop there are huge savings to be found.  For example, you can fly on the direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi on Air Canada and route back via Frankfurt with Lufthansa on your return for only $1,525.

Or if you want to just find the lowest price available you can buy a Vancouver to Delhi flight with stops in both directions for $1,372.   Just as with Toronto to Delhi flight, prices are dropping which hopefully means you can purchase a cheap flight to India today!

The massive positive change in the rules from the Canadian government finally means lower prices on Canada to India flights, and more options for Canadian citizens.  Many rules still in place will impact your travel, especially the Indian travel bubbles so it is extremely important to work with your Bains Travel consultant to determine any eligibility for travel. 

With so much negative news over the past weeks and months, it is a great pleasure to report these new and hopeful changes.  As COVID rules continue to be relaxed things are finally moving in a positive direction which will increase your ability to access cheap India flights.

If you are want to find see last week’s cheap India flight blog, please click here and remember Bains Travel is your go-to place for any India flights or India tours!

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