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If you are looking to find a cheap flight to India you have come to the right place.  While many customers are checking prices and avoiding buying their India tickets for the fall, many others have decided that now is the time to book a flight from Canada to India.  While there is always a chance that prices could come down if enough people hold off on booking it is more likely that passengers coming from India to Canada will take a majority of the seats.

The significant amount of immigration and the large numbers of students attending post-secondary school in Canada will increase demand for the low number of seats.  Those passengers buying flights from Canada to India will more than likely be buying a round-trip ticket using up the same inventory that we normally book from Canada.  While it is understandable that many feel the prices to fly to India are too high, by waiting you might lose any chance to get a cheap flight to India this year.

In other India flight news government officials in the state of Punjab are attempting to convince international airlines to start flights from the state of Punjab directly to destinations in Europe, the U.S. and Canada.  While there has always been excitement in the Indian community to provide these convenient connections, so far, no airlines have committed to such an endeavour.  There are large communities in the Vancouver and Toronto area who would like a service in their home state but it has not created the necessary movement for airlines like Air India or Air Canada to make any commitments.  As the airlines are always looking for new revenue streams this flight could be a great chance to connect citizens of Canada directly to Amritsar or Chandigarh.  If these India flights do get going there will most likely be a premium to be paid for seats and it will be tough to find a cheap India flight on these routes.

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For those looking to buy a cheap India flight from Toronto to New Delhi in the fall, prices have risen since the last week on the direct flight on Air Canada.  The price to buy a ticket on the direct flight is now $2350 which is a few hundred higher than in the last few weeks.   As the price of fuel continues to go up and demand for flights remains high Air Canada has decided to push prices up even higher than they have been in the last two months.  If you want to pay a lot less Air France still has the best price from Toronto, they have kept the fare at $1600 which is a great option especially if you are travelling with more than one person.  Air Canada’s price is likely to be closely monitored so there is a good chance Air France will raise prices soon.  Unless something changes, it is best to buy today and commit to your cheap ticket to India.

Travellers departing from Vancouver are having similar concerns with high prices.  The Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi will cost around $2550.  This is the price we have seen on the direct flight with Air Canada for almost an entire month for fall flights.  If you are only looking to purchase this very popular option the price has not changed, but if fuel prices continue to rise Air Canada might not have a choice but to increase the fare.  For customers looking for great pricing, Air France and British Airways are leading the way.  Air France is still the lowest in the market with India ticket prices starting from $1600.  While prices have stabilized in the past weeks, many customers are waiting it out hoping for prices to drop, but there is an equal number who have committed to purchasing a cheap ticket to India today.

With the price of flights to India not changing much over the last few weeks, some customers are taking a wait and see approach hoping the prices go down.  With so much pent-up demand over the last two years, it could be a risk as passengers continue to look for a cheap flights to India.  Those who buy today will have their cheap India ticket for the fall and those who wait may get lucky or they could end up paying a lot more for a flight to India this year.

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