Cathay Pacific Has Started Flight to Delhi!

Travellers looking to book a cheap India flight from Canada in the next little while or even this fall have received more good news this week.  Hong Kong has relaxed its rules so they no longer require COVID testing for those who are only transiting through the city.  While you may think this won’t have a big impact on travellers buying a flight ticket from Canada to India, it definitely will.  Cathay Pacific who has always been a significant player for air travel in India and Canada will now be allowed to provide another option for these people.

The schedule for Cathay Pacific to India is limited right now, but as demand is strong there is a great likelihood that they will increase the number of flights between New Delhi and Hong Kong and Canada.  With an overall lack of capacity in the market, any new flights to India are welcome news as we are hopeful that this will help our customers get a cheap flight to India.

Overall, we continue to see many more bookings for fall and winter travel to India.  We are also seeing prices slowly creep up across all airlines, especially those via Europe.  Those waiting to get a cheap ticket to India, risk paying higher prices if this trend continues.  Air ticket prices from Canada to India have risen on British Airways, KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Air Canada and Air India.  While any of these carriers could just as easily drop prices by opening inventory it looks like they are satisfied with the demand they are currently getting which means they may continue to raise prices.  Of course, this is a balancing act, if fares rise too much it will scare travellers from booking their India flights.

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Travellers looking to purchase a ticket on the Air Canada direct flight from Toronto to Delhi are in for a bit of price shock this week.  Air Canada has closed some of their lower booking classes as they continue to see strong demand for their flights.  Right now, flights on the direct service from Toronto to Delhi are close to $3050, this is a jump of $300 in one week.  Customers who are sitting on the fence hoping that prices will drop may find that they are priced out of the market on this particular flight.  Luckily there are plenty of other options available including American Airlines via New York.  For the second week in a row, this is the cheapest flight to India available from $1600.  Overall, the market looks strong for Toronto to Delhi bookings, so it is best to book now to secure your cheap flight to India.

For customers looking to buy a cheap flight to India from Vancouver, there is better news than out of Toronto.

Customers who want to purchase the Air Canada direct flight are seeing prices must lower than out of the East, with prices starting from $2550.  With more competition for Vancouver to Delhi flights that have recently been added, including Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airline and Korean Airlines it is more likely prices will at least remain stable for a few more weeks.  Right now, even with the additional flights from Asia, the cheapest price to India is via Europe with Air Canada and Lufthansa starting from $1730.  Once again, while we are seeing stability on certain carriers in pricing, week to week, fares are creeping up.

Customers looking for cheap flights to India have a new option this week with Cathay Pacific starting their first flights since the start of the pandemic from Hong Kong to Delhi.  These new flights are in addition to all of the existing flights going to India.  While this does have a positive impact on the number of available seats, the total number of travellers compared to the available number of seats is much higher than a few years ago, which is making it difficult to get a cheap flight to India this year.  The best advice due to inflationary pressures on the carriers is to book early and save.

Anyone holding out for a seat sale at the least minute could get very lucky but most than likely they will pay the highest price for a ticket to India this fall.

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