Cheap Flights to India Are Available This September!

This week for those looking for options to find a cheap flight to India, there is good news.  With carriers ramping up schedules and other airlines starting service from Europe and Asia to New Delhi and other cities in India, we are starting to see prices stabilize.  As this spring’s booking season is ending, many customers paid much more than they would have liked to buy a ticket to India in the next few weeks.

Many have decided to wait to fly in the summer, hoping that prices for flights to India would go down.  Those who waited are so far finding flights at much better prices than are available this spring.  While flying to India can be found at a great price, it is the flights out of India that are adding to the cost.

For example, on the Air Canada direct flight from Toronto to Delhi you can buy a one-way economy ticket for only $915, but on the same day, a one-way ticket from Delhi to Toronto on Air Canada is an astounding $6,300.  It is these prices on the return flights that are starting to open up later in the summer as the massive pent-up demand from India begins to subside.  With the Air Canada flights so popular meaning they are expensive, other carriers are starting to see more business as they can compete with good connections and now cheap India flights.

In the past week, we have seen a sharp increase in bookings on British Airways, KLM and Air France for Canada to India flights.  Now that the travel bubble agreements have expired and COVID restrictions have been severely reduced customers are gaining confidence in flying non-direct routes.  In fact, we are seeing more bookings on the non-direct options via London, Paris and Amsterdam than on the direct flights with Air Canada & Air India.  While the total flight time is much longer when travelling via Europe, customers are always looking to secure a cheap India flight and the savings by avoiding a direct flight to India are very large at the moment.

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For those who are only interesting in flying on the direct flight from Canada to India from Toronto, Brampton or Mississauga you can find prices for $2,440 leaving in the next few weeks, and returning later in June.  If you want to book something cheaper you can find tickets to India on Air France & KLM for only $1,700.

We are also seeing many bookings for flights in the early fall as customers want to finalize their plans now before prices go up.  You can find flight tickets to India on British Airways this fall for only $1,380 as they are pushing now to get sales on the books before their competitors grab the business.  While these cheap flights to India are available now, we don’t expect these fares from Toronto to last too long.

For customers flying from Vancouver, Surrey & Abbotsford, most customers are booking last-minute flights using KLM and Air France, while there are a few bookings on both Air Canada & Air India, the fares are sky-high which is pushing customers to cheaper options.  The Air Canada direct flight to India from Vancouver can but purchased for $2,350 this spring with a return in the summer, but you can find the flight on Air France for $1,780 saving you a lot of money.  For customers already planning for the fall, there are cheap tickets to India to be found on various carriers, with Singapore Airlines leading the way with prices starting from only $1,067.

As the pandemic restrictions begin to end, we are seeing large numbers of passengers planning early, as many expect this fall to be a busy time for people flying from Canada to India.  Some customers have already locked in a cheap flight to India this September and October because they know that they can finally visit their friends and family after so long.  Those who are booking last minute now and, in the future, will most likely pay more so it makes sense to plan to book your cheap flight to India today.

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