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If you want to buy a cheap flight to India there have been changes in the last few weeks which will impact your chances of getting the best price on your India flight tickets.  For those who have been waiting for additional flights from new carriers to be added to the list of options flying to India from around the world there has been some positive and some not go great news.  On the positive front, Singapore Airlines has extended its Vancouver flight through the winter.  In addition, Korean Airlines will also continue their new Seoul to Delhi flights throughout the fall and winter.  While this new flight on Korean Airlines does not connect to Vancouver that could change and would be a great additional option for travellers coming out the Western side of Canada.  Also, Singapore Airlines flying through the winter will give additional capacity to help find a cheap flight to India.

Now the news has not been so good for Air Canada and their customers.  Many have been using the Air Canada direct flight to Delhi for years now, but our national carrier has decided to cancel this very popular flight for September.  The airline had already decided to stop the flights over the summer but now they have extended the cancellation until the early fall.  In addition, they have reduced flights in October and once again added the technical stop in Ireland to re-fuel.  It may seem strange to cut back on such a popular flight but with the closure of Russian airspace, the flight is proving difficult to manage.  Air Canada continues to operate direct flights from Toronto and Monreal which is still a great option for Canadians to use.  With the cancellation of the direct flight out of Vancouver, it will most likely put more pressure on pricing and unfortunately make it even more difficult to find a cheap flight to India if you wait too long to book.

Customers travelling from Toronto to India are very interested in the direct flights, especially from Air Canada, but those who are willing to pay for it are not getting a very good deal as prices on this flight continue to go up.  Right now, those booking for the fall are looking at prices of $3050 which is much higher than the last few weeks.  Unfortunately, many customers who purchased tickets on the direct flight out of Vancouver are now being routed through Toronto which is using up the limited number of seats hurting your chance to get a cheap India flight on this particular route.

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For those who are looking to save money and find a cheap flight to India from Toronto, there are many other options, including American Airlines through New York at $1685 or Air France, and KLM combination for only $1800.  Now, these fares are higher than they have been in the past few weeks so things point to prices continuing to rise over the next few weeks.

Out of Vancouver prices to Delhi are also going up after the removal of the Air Canada direct flight as unfortunately less competition allows the airlines to charge more than they did previously.  British Airways is proving to be very popular over the past few weeks and has been grabbing the majority of the traffic.  Fares via London can be found for as low as $1800 with a significant number of bookings in the last few days.  Those who are waiting might be in for some bad news if they want to get a last-minute cheap flight to India as customers are making significant numbers of the bookings every day.

With some good news on flights to India worldwide and some not-so-good news on flights from Canada to India overall things seems to be showing those who do not book early this year will have a difficult time securing a cheap flight to India.  With Air Canada now planning for the Russian Airspace to be closed for the foreseeable future, it means higher costs for airlines and even a reduction in some capacity.  While reduced issues from the pandemic are allowing new services from Asia it is not nearly enough to balance the amount of demand we are seeing with passengers paying almost $2000 regularly for a flight to India.  As customers are already locking in their 2023 bookings, now is the time to purchase your ticket as waiting will most likely mean you will not get a cheap flight to India this year.

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