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Customers are already looking to purchase flights from Canada to India in the winter of 2025 due to cheap India flights.  British Airways has become extremely aggressive in its pricing strategy by allowing seat sale fares of only $1650 for select dates in February and returns in March.  British Airways is once again pushing the India market from Canada, something they have refrained from doing for the last 5 years.  In addition, British Airways has announced a new flight from London to Delhi in April of 2025 as the competition market for flights to India ramps up significantly.

We are also finding flights this fall are starting to come down in price.  With the new announcements from Air Canada and the regular flights from Air India, Lufthansa, Swiss, KLM and Air France all fighting to get customers on their respective flights to India we should see the lowest price to India from Canada we have seen since 2019.

Another piece of positive news from Western Canada is that Lufthansa has agreed that their Vancouver to Munich will be changed to a year-round service.  This has positive impacts on the Vancouver to Delhi market as there is a perfect connection via Munich to Delhi now that this service will be going throughout the winter.

With the addition of the Air Canada to Delhi service via London, there are now two brand new fall and winter options from Western Canada.  All of this new capacity will definitely have a positive impact on your ability to find cheap flights to India!

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As we start to have passengers look for fall flights with prices starting to come down passengers from Toronto are finding flights to Delhi as low as $1550.  British Airways is now offering flights via London at seat sale prices this fall and winter.  England’s national carrier has not been pushing for the India market for a long time so this bodes well for your ability to get cheap India flights from Toronto this fall.  As most customers still prefer a direct flight option Air India is offering a lower price than Air Canada with prices starting from $1765.  Cheap India flights from Toronto are finally here again!

Passengers departing from Vancouver have lots of new options to travel to India this fall but the mainstays remain the cheapest flight option to Delhi right now.  The Air France and KLM combination remains the lowest price in the market with prices starting from $1450.  Air India’s popular direct flight service with two bags can be purchased for fall dates from $1760.  The new Air Canada service which doesn’t start until a few later is starting to come down in price but it is still high at $2516 and only offers one free checked bag.

For the first time since the end of COVID, we are seeing significant change and competition in the Canada to India flight market.  We have been waiting for a while but we should be in for an exciting year with many airlines fighting over market share as they ramp up services to one of the fastest-growing economies on the planet.  All of this will mean cheap India flights for you!

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