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For those travellers looking for the latest updates on a flight to India from Canada, this is a place where we try to update you on the latest news and prices and also help you find a cheap India flight.  This week Air Canada announced a new partnership with Vistara.  The two airlines have decided that they will set up a code-share agreement between them.

While details of this agreement have not been released yet, there is a good chance that Air Canada will provide their customers to Delhi and Bombay on their direct flights with Vistara taking them to internal cities in India over their strong domestic network.

In addition, this agreement may also allow a partnership via their international networks in Asia and Europe.  With Air Canada’s strong international network to many destinations in Europe & Asia, there is a good chance that the two carriers will work together to provide opportunities to get to India from Canada.  If the codeshare agreement goes in this direction there is a great chance that the significant increase in connection points will allow customers to access cheap flights to India.  For example, Air Canada has announced a new flight from Vancouver to Bangkok, Thailand and Vistara also operates a flight from Bangkok to Delhi, this could be a great opportunity for the two carriers to work together on a new connection and interesting stopover point for flights to India.  Finally, with Air Canada looking to promote their new service, this could be a great opportunity to secure a cheap flight to India this winter.

As we close out this summer the vast majority of those travellers looking to purchase tickets for the fall have made their decision, while some are still holding out hope for a last-minute seat sale the majority of customers looking to purchase a flight to India are now asking about flights this winter.  Customers who are looking to purchase a ticket from Toronto to Delhi are still usually booking the Air India direct service as its combination of price and schedule is tough to beat.  For those looking to save money the cheapest flight from Toronto to Delhi this winter remains the American Airlines service via New York which can be found for only $1650.

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Overall, we are still seeing strong demand for this winter, but we are now seeing some better pricing out of the Eastern Canada hub city of Toronto.

For passengers leaving from Vancouver flying to India, we are also seeing strong demand for the winter.  For the first time in a long time, we see that Air Canada has better pricing than Air India in January.  You can fly on the direct service from Air Canada for $2400 while Air India is priced at $2500.  While the Air India direct service is much shorter as they do not require a technical stop and allow two checked bags for free, it seems that Air Canada is finally attempting to be more competitive on this route.  In addition, if you are looking for the lowest price to Delhi in the fall, Turkish Airways has the lowest price at only $2100.  With demand once again expected to be strong for India flights, we are encouraging customers to book early, but it looks like the extremely high price that was available for this fall has finally started to subside.

With new options that should be coming available later this fall and winter, it looks like pricing has finally stabilized for flights to India.  While customers may not have been able to secure a cheap India flight this fall, things are looking much better for the winter of 2023 as demand seems to have dropped off, so airlines cannot charge a premium for their products.  For those who booked early this fall, they hopefully were able to secure a cheap flight for India, but options are looking much better for the winter.

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