Delhi, The National Capital of India

Delhi, The National Capital of India

The city of Delhi, India has existed for multiple millennia.  It has been the seat of government for many historical empires.  Because the city of Delhi has been around for centuries it features many old monuments and interesting places.  Delhi is definitely a great place to start a tour of Northern India.

The city of Delhi should be your first stop in India, as it hosts one of the country’s largest and newest airports connected from cities around the world!  This includes Direct Flights on Air Canada from Vancouver & Toronto.  Delhi is also part of the Golden Triangle which also includes Agra, home of the Taj Mahal and Jaipur “The Pink City”.

  • Delhi - India Gate - Golden Triangle
    Delhi - Chandni_Chowk - Golden Triangle
    Delhi - Humayuns Tomb - Golden Triangle

Delhi contains many top tourist attractions some dating back hundreds of years!  It is the only city in the world hosting three UNESCO World Heritage sites.  While you could spend an entire lifetime discovering the culture and heritage, here are a few of the top spots to visit:

With many historical cultural places to visit, coupled with exciting nightlife Delhi has something to offer all types of tourists.  If you are making your first visit to this bustling metropolis, the Golden Triangle is one of the best ways to see this magical city!

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