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Big news this week if you are looking for cheap India flights from Canada!  Air Canada has increased their free checked baggage from one piece to two!  If you are planning a trip to India and you need to bring two bags, that means a savings of $100 in each direction, per person.

Air India has always been providing two free checked bags on their flights, and Air Canada did in the past, but Air Canada has gone back to their old system in order to better compete with their rival Air India.  Now that Air Canada is providing two checked bags on their direct flights to India, they are in much better place to compete.  If you are planning a trip to India and were planning to take the direct flight to Delhi from Vancouver or Toronto your options just got better!

Out of Toronto this week the Air Canada direct flight one way to Delhi can be purchased for a low as $759, if you are looking for cheap India flights, it is a great option!  Air India is very similarly priced at $789.  If you only need to fly one-way from Delhi to Canada prices start from $1,199 on the direct flight or Air India which is even cheaper at only $1,089.  Remember, Air Canada is now offering two free checked pieces of luggage which makes their fight much more competitive than it was last week.

With pricing so low on the direct flights Air Canada and Air India are taking the vast majority of traffic out of Toronto.  If you are looking for a round trip ticket for your India flights your cheapest option will probably end up being Turkish Airways via Istanbul at only $979.  On round trip flights the price is higher on the direct flight but most customers are opting for this option to reach India quickly.  Air Canada is offering their round-trip flights to India from only $1399 or Air India is offering their direct flight from $1259.  There are many options to find cheap flights from Toronto to India right now!

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With Vancouver the options are very similar to what is available out of Toronto.  The big news once again being that Air Canada is now offering two free pieces of checked luggage.  A flight on Air Canada’s direct service to Delhi from Vancouver is available from $739.  If you would like to fly on Air India it is available from $749.

If you need a reverse booking from India to Canada once again the direct service makes the most sense.  You can fly on the Air Canada, Delhi to Vancouver direct flight from $1199 or you can save some money by taking Air India’s direct flight which is available from $939.  For those looking for round-trip tickets your cheapest option is Lufthansa for $1,029 or if you want to stay with either one of the direct flights from Vancouver to Delhi you can take Air Canada for $1399 or Air India for $1259.

Overall, we continue to see bookings everyday for flights to India.  If you are looking for cheap flights to Delhi or anywhere else in India this is definitely a good year to travel.  With so few overall travelers, and the airlines and being extremely competitive for this particular group of customers you can be assured to have a safe and cheap flight to India this year.

As the options for flights from Canada to India are vast, it is very important that you work with an agent who understands your needs.  Bains Travel has been working with clients from all over Canada for 70+ years booking the best options for all India cheap flights!

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