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In our latest installment of our Cheap India Flights blog the greatest change in the last few weeks has been the price of air tickets to Delhi and India.  Many travellers are looking to fly to India in January or February of this year and most want to come back before April.  This increased demand combined with a significant lack of options means prices are much higher than they normally would be during this time of year.  With a complete lack of competition Air Canada and Air India have increased the prices of their direct flight service to Delhi from both Vancouver and Toronto.  Even with these higher prices people are still buying, with significant lockdowns all throughout Canada there is much greater freedom of movement in India.  While there is some fear that there will be additional restrictions for travel back to Canada most people feel the risk is worth it to see family and friends.  Finally, vaccination drives in both Canada and India will allow the flight situation to slowly return to normal which is creating more confidence and travellers for the few available seats.

In other India news SpiceJet will most likely be starting service from both Toronto and Vancouver to Amritsar.  This direct service will have a refueling stop in either Seoul or Prague depending your departure point.  The new service is still being finalized but will probably be available for sale at competitive rates in the next few days.

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If you are looking to travel to India from Toronto over the next few weeks you can find round trip prices that are relatively low if you don’t book at the lost possible minute.  The Air India direct flight from Toronto to Delhi is available from only $1369 round trip including all taxes.  You can fly one-way from Toronto to India on the same direct flight with Air India from only $799 or you if you need a one-way flight from Delhi to Toronto flights are available from $899.  Currently, Air Canada is pricing much higher than Air India but that may change as we get closer to February departures.

For flights out of Vancouver, once again Air India is offering much lower prices than Air Canada on their direct service to Delhi.  If you are looking for a round trip ticket to India you can find prices starting from $1479 on the Air India direct flight.  If you want to buy a one-way ticket on Air India from Vancouver to Delhi you can find prices from $899 or if you are looking for a reverse one-way ticket back into Canada prices start from $799.

As the demand has picked up, those who purchased their tickets early enjoyed the cheapest flight prices to India, for those who are still willing and want to travel at the last-minute customers are unfortunately having to spend more.  The lesson for this year definitely was to buy early to find cheap India flights!

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