Now Get Direct Flights on Air Canada from Toronto and Vancouver to Delhi

If you are looking to purchase Cheap India Flights now is a great time to buy as we are fully into the fall booking season.  The direct flights on Air Canada from Toronto to Delhi, and Vancouver to Delhi are by far the most popular option to get to India from Canada this year. 

The Air India direct flight from both of these all cities in Canada is also proving to be an option to find a cheap ticket to India this year.  Both carriers have settled into a good pattern of dealing with the issues on the ground in India, and are managing the COVID rules very well.

We have seen hundreds of passengers safely take these India flights over the past few weeks giving many others the confidence that these operations will continue.  We are seeing many customers clamouring for Christmas flights, and winter bookings for 2022.  In addition, the fact that India is finally issuing visas for tourists, has all added to the positivity for travel between our two countries.

One of the newest additions for travel to India from Canada right now is the announcement of direct service from JFK airport in New York to New Delhi on American Airlines.  This new service from American is being promoted at a rock bottom price to generate buzz for the new service.  While this does not have a significant impact on flights out of Vancouver, it is providing a great option to get a cheap India flight from Toronto.

With restrictions being reduced for travel into the US, this will be another potential way to secure a cheap India flight.  For travellers looking to go via New York on American, you can purchase a ticket for a little as $999 while still getting an amazing flight experience.  While you will have to stop on your return to get a COVID test in the U.S., this will be a better option than getting it done in a 3rd country far from home.  While this newest service does provide a great and inexpensive flight to India, the vast majority who can afford will stick with the direct flights from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal to Delhi.

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For those looking to catch the Air Canada direct flight from Toronto to Delhi in the next few weeks, the prices have come down as the airline has realized that people cannot afford to pay the large amounts being asked a few weeks ago.  You can now find return tickets on the direct flight to India for only $1,699!

While this is still a significant amount of money, many are willing to pay to get the convenience of a direct flight.  Others are looking only to purchase a one-way ticket now, and then purchase a separate return ticket down the road hoping that prices will come down.  One-way tickets are available for as low as $715.  Overall, the number of passengers departing Toronto to India has picked up, and we expect these numbers to remain stable over the next few months unless something significant changes again causing prices to drop.

From Vancouver, the picture for travel to India on the Air Canada direct flight to India is very similar to what is happening in Toronto.  With the vast majority of passengers wanting the Air Canada direct service over the Air India direct prices remain on the high side but they have come down from their peak a couple of weeks back.  For those looking to get a cheap India flight, it’s a great time to book as we don’t expect fares to go lower than they are now.  Fares out of Vancouver are priced a little higher than out of Toronto because Vancouver does not have as many departing flights to India as our Eastern neighbour.

Prices out of Vancouver round-trip this fall will start around $1,750 with one-way flights starting at $849.  With the increase in the number of passengers travelling to India this fall and winter, it makes a lot of sense to secure a cheap flight to India today, especially if you want to purchase the direct flight options.

Overall, this week has brought increased confidence in travel between Canada and India.  While the vast majority of clients are purchasing the direct flight on Air Canada, customers are asking for other options to save money.  As things continue to settle down, there could be an opportunity to secure a cheap India flight on a route with a stop, but for that to happen the Canadian federal government needs to relax their testing regime.

As we have no idea when that could happen and our government has been very strict up to this point with travel to India, most customers are sticking to a direct flight from Vancouver or Toronto to Delhi.  If you are planning to go to India this year and want the convenience of a direct flight, now is the time to book to ensure that you have the cheapest flight to India possible.

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