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This week in our cheap India flights blog we will explore the updated information on your best options to get your perfect flight from Toronto to India or Vancouver to India!  With all that is happening due to new restrictions on COVID, specifically with new flight bans from London, working with an India specialist is the best way to prevent hardship on your trip.  While the new COVID variant has created issues for air travel over London there continues to be more interest in booking a winter trip from Canada to India.  As the weather gets colder here, we are seeing demand rising, along with prices during the popular Christmas period.  With the holidays almost behind us there are many bookings for January and February where is it still possible to find cheap India flights!

As further restrictions from other countries impact travel that allows a stop, almost every single passenger is opting to play it safe and fly on the direct flights to Delhi with Air Canada or Air India.  If you are looking to get on the direct flight from Toronto to Delhi on Air Canada prices in January are available from $799 one way.  Most passengers are opting to purchase a round trip ticket returning before the summer heat starts in April.  The prices on the Air Canada direct flight can be found for as low as $1399.  If you have been following the pricing for the past few weeks or months you probably noticed that fares are more expensive as demand is rising.  We are also already seeing customers looking to secure their cheap India flight for fall 2021 as many people are confident they will have received a vaccine.

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If you are travelling out of Vancouver prices to India are still very good, but all the same advice applies, so very close to 100% of travellers are sticking with the Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi.  Pricing and demand from Vancouver or Toronto to Delhi is very similar right now so fares are exactly the same if you search around for the best direct flight.  A Vancouver to Delhi one-way fare will be around $799 and a round trip fare on the same Air Canada direct flight will cost close to $1399.

As demand continues to rise from a low point in the fall prices will continue to go up as well unless new last minutes flights are added.  We expect as vaccines become more widespread in early 2021 and customers who were fearful to travel will be booking in great numbers.  If you want to secure your cheap India flight now is the right time to get the best price!

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