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This week if you are looking for Cheap India Flights you have come to the right place!  In the past few days, we have seen a massive increase in the number of bookings for flights to India from Toronto, Vancouver and all over Canada.  The length of the flight ban has created a significant amount of pent-up demand that has now been released into the marketplace.  With direct return flights from New Delhi to Toronto and New Delhi to Vancouver now operating again, customers are feeling more confident to purchase their India tickets.

As multiple flights have departed from India to Canada, the testing system in place seems to be working well. Most customers are able to travel without too much hassle, as long as they arrive at the airport with more than enough time.  While the COVID test for the direct flight is very inconvenient, it is significantly better than the alternative that was being provided previously.  While most appreciate the fact that we have direct flights operating between Canada and India, strict rules remain in place for indirect flights which have an impact on prices and your ability to get a cheap India flight.

With almost the entire demand of air traffic between Canada and India being funnelled on the direct flights with Air Canada and Air India, both companies are doing their best to make as much money as they possibly can. They are now trying to balance that goal with realizing that people are only willing to pay a certain price, and always looking to find the cheapest flight to India.

As demand has picked up considerably over the past 10 days, both Air Canada and Air India are doing their best to get the highest number of passengers at the highest price, but that strategy may not be working for one of the carriers.  Air Canada has decided to lower the prices so those of you looking to buy a cheap ticket to India should be able to save some money for travel over the next few months.

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Previously we had seen price differences by as much as $1,000 in economy class between the two carriers, but that seems to be changing over the past few days.  For those who are ready to book the Air Canada direct flight to Delhi from Toronto, you can find one-way fares at $599, and round-trip flights at $1,609.  This is a large decrease from only a few days ago when fares were close to $2,500 in economy class.  Air Canada has finally realized that people will only pay a certain amount for their direct service, which is great for everyone looking to purchase a ticket to India.

For those looking to travel from Vancouver to India, prices have also had a significant drop on the direct flight on Air Canada to New Delhi.  One-way fares on the Air Canada direct service are available from only $569 for last-minute departures.  Most people are now looking to purchase round-trip airfares, and they are available for as low as $1,579.  With robust traffic from Canada to India, there is also a very good chance that the Montreal to Delhi route on Air Canada will be restarted sooner rather than later, giving Canadians another option to get to India this year and hopefully do it at a great price!

After a long wait Canadians are finally booking their fall and winter travel to India.  The summer was a difficult time with families being separated for such a long time, but now people are ready to travel!

With a large number of passengers asking questions and securing their cheap flight to India, now is the time to book.  As the Indo-Canadian community gets comfortable with the rules and knowledge that travel between Canada & India is open again, fares will probably rise because of the pent-up demand.  Remember if you want to purchase a direct flight to India, Bains Travel has prices you cannot find online!  So if you want to get a cheap India flight, call us today to reconnect with friends and family you may not have seen for more than a year.

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