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Edmonton is the second largest city in Alberta and the fifth largest city in all of Canada.  The city hosts a sizable Indian population but because of Edmonton’s lack of direct international flights you must travel a bit further to find cheap India Flights.  In order to reach India you will most likely have to get to a closer international airport within Canada such as Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto.  One option for Edmontonian’s is to drive the highway to Calgary and get on a flight from there as it is only about 3 hours.  Of course, there are many flights between Edmonton and Calgary as well.  When looking for a cheap flight to India from Edmonton it is very important to work with an agent to make sure you get the best deal.

The list and details contained here are many of the airlines currently flying to India from Edmonton.  It includes information about schedules and cities.  As this information changes constantly, it is extremely important to check with your Bains Travel agent to get the most up-date details for cheap India flights.

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Air Canada (AC)

As Canada’s dominant national carrier Air Canada provides great options for India and Delhi flights from Edmonton.  With direct non-stop flights from Vancouver and Toronto to India and plenty of connections to Edmonton Air Canada is one of your most likely routes.  You can fly to Vancouver and then onto India on the direct Air Canada flight for a total flying time of about 19 hours or you can route through Toronto in just about 20 hours.  If you have family or business in either one of these cities it might make sense to leave early in the day to meet with family and friends in one these cities and no additional cost.  Normally due to their great schedule Air Canada charges more than the competition, but due to the lack of options from the Northern Alberta city pricing is competitive with other carriers.


The only carrier flying directly from Edmonton to an international destination is KLM.  The Dutch carrier took a significant risk by flying to this destination as being the first is never easy.  Luckily for passengers going to India they have a great connecting flight to Delhi and other Indian destinations.  As they are looking to take the largest number of Indian passengers from the city, they are offering cheap India flights.  As they secure their position as a great option the prices will probably rise over the next few years.  Currently the flight to Delhi from Edmonton on KLM is about 19 hours and is actually about 5 minutes less than using the Air Canada direct fight to India via Vancouver.

China Eastern Airways (MU)

China Eastern is the largest carrier out of Shanghai, China and they offer very cheap flights to India.  While they do not fly directly into Edmonton they to fly to Vancouver.  The flight from Edmonton to Vancouver is less than two hours.  From here you can hop on a China Eastern flight that will stop in Shanghai and then onwards to Delhi.  The stop in Shanghai is quite long, but that long stop means that China Eastern has to be extra competitive on their India flights which allows you to save.  The savings by using China Eastern can be significant over their competition especially if you are travelling with family.  In addition, if you may have friends travelling from Vancouver that you can join on the same flight.  While China Eastern is not the most convenient flight from Edmonton the price to India is so low it needs to be looked at.

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Air China (CA)

Air China is another of the mainland Chinese carriers which uses Beijing as their hub city.  Air China currently code shares flights with Air Canada from Edmonton to Vancouver which allows passengers to connect to the Air China flight to Beijing and then onto India.  Due to multiple stops the schedule is not great compared to KLM or Air Canada but the price is much cheaper to India.  Currently the flight from Edmonton to Delhi is about 27 hours in total.  When travelling on Air China it is important to avoid Chinese New Year as that is when pricing is higher even though that is also a popular time to travel to India.  If you are looking for a cheap flight to India Air China needs to be your list because they tend to offer low prices.

Lufthansa (LH)

Lufthansa is another good option from Edmonton.  While they don’t fly into the city themselves because of their partnership with Air Canada they do offer some very good connections.  Using Air Canada, you can route through Calgary via Frankfurt to India, and through Toronto or Montreal via Munich to India.  The flight time on Lufthansa even with two stops is quite good and varies between 21 and 24 hours.  Pricing on Lufthansa is also competitive because of the many routing options.  In addition, Lufthansa is part of the joint venture and Star Alliance programs with Air Canada so you can also use the Air Canada direct flights to India in either direction.  Overall due to less competition in the Edmonton market Lufthansa needs to be looked at for your cheap flight to India.

China Southern (CZ)

Another good option for travel to India from Edmonton is China Southern Airlines.  China Southern is another airline that does not fly into Edmonton but they do fly to Vancouver.  With their partner WestJet they offer a great connection via Vancouver.  The total flying time to India is about 27 and ½ hours which is very good considering you have to make multiple stops.  The greatest advantage to using China Southern is definitely the price they offer.  As China Southern understands they do not have the best schedule they must compete by offering cheap prices to India in order to secure their share of the market.  If you are looking to find a low-priced air ticket from Edmonton to Delhi and you are not concerned about schedule make sure to ask your Bains Travel agent to have a look at China Southern Airlines.

Emirates (EK)

Emirates being the largest carrier operating out of Dubai it has a significant influence on the India travel market.  With a large number of Indians visiting and working in the United Arab Emirates they have plenty of flights to India.  In addition to operating to the major cities they also operate to many smaller Indian cities that other carriers do not.  While Emirates also does not fly to Edmonton their partner Alaska Airlines does.  The partner carriers have a code share agreement that allows easy connections via Seattle to all of the Emirates destinations in India and around the world.  While Emirates is not the cheapest option to fly to India, they are still very popular.  Many people visiting India like to stop in Dubai for shopping visiting this great city.  If you are looking to stop in Dubai or are needing to fly outside of the major cities in India Emirates is a great option.

As Edmonton does not have a huge Indian population their flights to India are more limited than the major centers, but there is still opportunity to find great flights.  If you work with one of our agents who understands the Edmonton market and has the experience to find the cheapest flights to India you can be assured that you will get the best value for money.

As the options for flights from Canada to India are vast, it is very important that you work with an agent who understands your needs.  Bains Travel has been working with clients from all over Canada for 70+ years booking the best options for all India flights.  Contact us at 1.844.847.9703 to speak with one of our agents, or fill out the form below and one of our India Experts will get back to shortly!

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