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If you are looking to buy a ticket to India and secure a cheap India flight, now is the time to make your booking!  We are finally seeing a significant ramp-up in vaccinations as many personal connections have received their first shot.  These vaccinations have only just begun, but they will create a significant demand for summer and fall flights as confidence will quickly soar.

Currently, the travel bubbles in India remain up, and could still be in place for the fall.  If the bubbles aren’t removed, then there won’t be much competition for Cheap India Flights from Canada to India.  If you don’t book early this year and there are not enough seats, prices will be through the roof!  Due to the vaccines and the potential for strict rules on which airlines the Indian government will allow to fly into India, it is in your best interest to secure your cheap India flights for the fall and winter today!

There is a significant expectation that travel will be going strong again by the fall and airlines will be looking to recover their losses from the past year, so it will not be a good year if you are looking to find a cheap India flight at the last minute.  If you decide to join family and friends you have not seen in a long time for a vacation in India and have not planned ahead, be prepared to open your wallet.  All signs are pointing to a very busy year for India so now is the time to book!

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If you are looking to buy a ticket from Toronto to India, or Toronto to Delhi, you can find prices as low as $1,463 round trip including all taxes. If you only need a one-way flight from Toronto to India, you can buy a ticket for as low as $579.

If you are looking to fly from India to Canada prices will start around $1,139. These prices are all on the Air India direct flight, but the Air Canada direct flight is also available with prices being higher as this flight is more popular. Either of these direct flights from Canada to India is the only smart choice right now to avoid restrictions in transiting countries.

If you need a ticket from Vancouver to India, prices are similar to what you can find from Toronto, but they are better. Flying on a round-trip flight from Vancouver to New Delhi prices start from only $1,385. One-way flights from Canada to India are available from $569, or if you need to travel from Delhi to Vancouver you can find a fare from only $1,135! Remember, these prices are low because demand is low, vaccinations are happening every day so expect these prices to go up!

The big news this week, if you are looking for cheap India flights, is the vaccination pace in Canada. Many seniors are finally securing appointments and getting vaccinated. This is amazing news for the travel industry and the country in general. We are finally seeing the end of the pandemic. While this may be great for life in general, it is bad news for those of you who want to buy cheap India flights. Prices will rise soon so now it’s time to lock in your booking for the fall and winter!

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