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If you are looking to find Cheap India flights, they are still available but do not attempt to fly back before February 22nd. The new government-mandated quarantine comes into effect on February 22nd so there are very limited seats to return to Canada to avoid it. The federal government has been warning for some time that there will be new rules and now the date of commencement has been set.
This means that for anyone returning to Canada after midnight on Sunday, February 21st you will have to pay for a hotel at your own expense for at least 72 hours. The minimum cost for this process is expected to be at least $2000. Currently, the list of hotels available for quarantine has not been provided but that process will open up for bookings in the next few days. Overall, this will have a significant negative impact on the number of passengers travelling so it will once again open up space to find cheap India flights for those who have to travel and are returning on or after February 22.
For those who have to travel and are OK to spend a significant amount on quarantine on their return, there will be savings to be found on the purchase of your tickets to India.

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If you are looking for the cheapest available flight from Toronto to India your best option is to use the Air Canada direct flight or the Air India direct flight. With significant schedule changes occurring because of the rule changes, it is in your best interest to stay with a carrier that flies direct from Canada to India. Right now, if you are looking for a round-trip flight from Toronto to Delhi, they are available from $1465 or if you need to fly only one-way from Toronto to India you can find a flight from $579 or if you want a one-way flight from Delhi to Toronto, they are available from $1149 as long as you are returning after the quarantines come into effect!

If you are looking for flights out of Vancouver, pricing is very similar to that of Toronto. Right now, the Air India direct flight to Delhi is cheaper than the Air Canada direct flight, but both are still very similar in pricing, it all depends on the exact day you are flying. The cheapest direct flight available from Vancouver to India right now is $1489 including all taxes. If you only want to travel one-way from Vancouver to Delhi prices are as low as $579 or if you only need a one-way from India to Canada the prices are higher starting from $1149. If you want to travel on a cheap India flight from Vancouver there are lots of good options available!
With new quarantine rules put in place, we are hoping this will be as strict as our government will get during the remainder of the pandemic. We are hopeful that increased vaccinations will allow these rules to be slowly decreased over the next few weeks and months. While travel is strongly discouraged for anyone looking to go for a vacation for those who do need to go to India because they have no choice there are cheap India flights available to buy!

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