Glorious Cities on our Rivers

If you want to see the world, cruise down its legendary rivers. The most popular rivers to sail down are in Europe. The Romantic Rhine seems to be number one choice for first time cruisers. You will embark in Amsterdam sailing south to Basil, Switzerland, or reverse. You will spend a day sailing through the canals of Amsterdam, then head south to Cologne, Koblenz, Rudesheim, Speyer, Strasbourg, Breisach all in Germany. Then, you arrive in Basil, Switzerland. You also can fly into Budapest & sail up to Amsterdam for a 15-day cruise on the Danube River. You will visit Vienna, the Melk, Passau, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Wuzburg, Wertheim & then back to the familiar places of Koblenz, Cologne, Kinderdijk & Amsterdam. There are numerous other options you may choose from too.

There is also the 8-day cruise from Lyon (North) to Avignon in France. You will enjoy the wineries throughout this region. The highlight for me on this cruise was visiting the Quarries of Southern France. Their actual name is Carrieres de Lumiers. Truly a spectacular event with music from all the masters being played while you are viewing a laser light show on the walls of the rock quarry of the famous master artist such as Van Gogh, Monet, etc. etc. It is difficult to imagine how amazing this experience is.

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There is also sailing down the Nile in Egypt for the ancient history buffs. There is a great river cruise own the Douro River in Portugal where you can also stop at numerous wineries & cathedrals along the way.

You can choose from being extremely active from the break of day until when the sun is setting. You can pick & choose what activities, historic sites or cultural events & concerts that interest you. On board the ship, you will enjoy the local talent that come on board to entertain everyone. You may have a concert pianist one evening or traditional dance company performing an authentic dance of their country. Whether you want to enjoy a guided walking tour of one of Europe’s great cities, join a cooking class or paddle a canoe, river cruises offer it all. If you prefer to explore on your own, the cruise director can help you with all the recommendations, information & gear you need on your river cruise adventure.
When it’s time to refuel, your on-board dining options are as wide open as the view from your specious stateroom. There is one set time for dining as the ship holds a very small number of passengers, approximately 120 – 200 maximum. The most popular river cruises are consisting of 7 days. But of course, there are longer & there are shorter depending on your budget & your time. There is an option that will fit your specific requirements.

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