How to Find the Lowest Price Flights from Canada to India!

Looking for Cheap India Flights?  While fares are on direct flights are very high this year, Bains Travel can assure that will get the best price on an India flight. PLUS, they will make sure you have the support of a knowledgeable travel consultant to help you navigate all the rules and regulations due to the pandemic! 

This week the big news is that the federal government has finally removed the restriction on essential travel only.  While this does not impact day-to-day travel in most cases, it only increases the confidence of anyone looking to book a trip to India that the worst is behind us.

The one significant change this does have is that now when purchasing medical travel insurance, you will be covered for any medical issues related to COVID if you are fully vaccinated.

Overall, we continue to see many bookings despite the high fares on the direct flights, as there are too many people excited to see friends and family they have not visited in almost two years!

Another positive development is that Air Canada has partnered with Switch Health to allow self-administered testing.  While these new tests are being used in a testing phase right now, we are very hopeful that this product will be used in the Indian market soon.  If the Canadian government will accept these tests, it will go a long way to open up competition on the India route, which will have a dramatic reduction on prices for all India flights.

Currently, with only two airlines operating between Canada and India, it is preventing customers from finding the cheap India flights they are used to.  As the world is slowly opening up, we are making incremental progress to a fully open international travel system.  This will finally allow customers to book those cheap India flights they are all clamouring for.

For those who are ready to book their flight to India, we are seeing many questions about flights and their prices.  While many are scared off by the high prices, there are also those who have committed to travel to India this year.  If you are looking to purchase a flight on Air Canada from Toronto to New Delhi round trip flights are available from $2,350.  One-way tickets to India on the direct flight from Toronto to New Delhi are available for $1,425. 

Prices on the direct from Air India are similarly priced with both carriers taking an even amount of traffic.  Customers have been also booking the flight via Montreal from Toronto as there are a few days where fares are better.  Overall prices out of Toronto are relatively high as the lack of competition has created a space for Air Canada and Air India to charge higher prices for India flights.  For this reason, many are waiting and hoping that prices will come down, but that all depends on changes in the government rules.

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Out of Vancouver prices on the Air Canada direct flight are even higher as there is a greater demand and less availability of seats.  While there is great frustration in the community at the lack of cheap India flights, many are still booking seats every day.

Right now, to purchase a ticket on the Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi prices are around $2,435.  If you only want to purchase a one-way ticket to India, they are available for $1,575.  The price to purchase a flight to India with Air India is almost the same as Air Canada.

As many customers continue to wait for prices to come down, both of these carriers have done a great job to recover some of the losses by charging such a high rate.  Overall, most customers travelling out of Vancouver to India have decided that the cost of the flight is a necessary fact to reunite with friends and family back in India.

The airlines have settled into a pattern of charging high fares which most customers are willing to pay.  Those who cannot afford this large burden may have to skip their flight to India this year, but many are taking the wait-and-see approach hoping India flight prices will come down.

With COVID restrictions finally starting to come down there may be changes soon which will allow more competition in the India market.  We are hopeful that we will see changes that can allow many new options for travel to India, thus bringing down the highest prices we have seen in years.  Rest assured if you want to keep updated with flights for India, stay in touch with Bains Travel we will always look for the best way to secure you a cheap flight to India!

If you are want to find see last week’s cheap India flight blog, please click here and remember Bains Travel is your go-to place for any India flights or India tours!

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