Humayun’s Tomb | A Historical Gem

Humayun’s Tomb is a must-visit on any New Delhi Tour!  This architectural marvel was built in the year 1570 by Empress Bega Begum who is the first wife and chief consort of emperor Humayun.  The tomb is one of the first structures to use red sandstone at such a significant scale.  The age and impressive beauty of the building allowed it to become a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993, an amazing honor adding to the long list of impressive tourist attractions in India and New Delhi.

Empress Bega built the Hunayun’s Tomb out of her own pocket as proof of her love for the great emperor.

The tomb set a new standard in Persian and Mughal architecture and set the stage for the building of the Taj Mahal in later years.  The complex consists of the main tomb of Emperor Humayun and the burial sites of his wife and sons and a typical Charbagh Persian garden.  The Emperor’s barber also holds a special place being buried close to his most important customer.

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A restoration of Hunayun’s tomb started in 1999 was completed in 2003.  The work allowed the tomb to return to its old former glory after decades of neglect and disrepair.  With private donations and government additions such as 2500 new trees and natural flowing water, canals have been added or replaced.  The intricate work of the new channels allows water to flow without the help of hydraulics which keeps in line with the historic nature of the temple.   Since the restoration Hunayon’s tomb is guaranteed to delight the senses if you are on any city tour of New Delhi or if you are part of any larger tour of India or if this is only part of the short Golden Triangle tour.

This history and attention to detail found at the Hunayun’s Tomb complex are not to be missed.

The fact that these large and impressive structures were built without the tools of modern only adds to their magnificence.  Now that the tomb complex has finally been restored and has been recognized by UNESCO it can take the place as one of India’s amazing historical sites.  On any India Tour, Humanayun’s Tomb cannot be missed!

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