India Gate | Memorial for Fallen Soldiers

The India Gate monument is dedicated to the fallen soldiers from the First World War and the 3rd Anglo–Afghan war.  Over 70,000 soldiers died during these two wars with the vast majority losing their life helping the British during World War 1.  India Gate was formerly known as the All India War Memorial during the reign of the British Empire, the name was changed once India gained its independence from Britain.  The arching monument displays great strength to show the sacrifice these men made during these two wars.  The massive monument has now become a significant tourist attraction and is a must-see on any India Tour or Delhi city tour.

India Gate was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens who a great architect of war memorials in his day.  The foundation stone was laid by Duke of Connaught, while the memorial was inaugurated by Lord Irwin, a full 10 years after construction started.  The structure is 30 feet wide at its base and soars 138 feet into the sky.  It is thought India Gate is a reimagination of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.  While India Gate was originally designed for the fallen it has now become an important staging area for protests in India.  Due to its proximity to parliament and the prime minister’s residence, it attracts large crowds that try to make a change via non-violent means.  One of the reasons India Gate is a must-see on an India tour is that it is so visible on newscasts around the world.

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During most days and nights, the area around India Gate is busy with crowds of tourists who want to take a look and be photographed around this monument.  There is plenty of space to picnic or take a stroll around this impressive structure.  The Gate is lit every night to add vibrance to the area and encourage people to congregate and enjoy the carless street.

In addition to India Gate, a black marble plinth with a reverse rifle was installed after the Bangladesh Liberation War in which India helped East Pakistan secure its independence from West Pakistan.  Previously there was also a canopy monument dedicated to King George after his death in 1936, it eventually had to be removed after India gained its independence as it became the site of a backlash against Britain and the fact that it had occupied India for so long.  The statue eventually found a home in Delhi’s Coronation park with other monuments from that time.

India Gate is an important historic landmark that overtime has become a place for protest and fun.  This site is part of any India Tour because of its beauty.  The monument to heroes of the past is now one of the most viable attractions in India used in many movies and TV shows.  If you are on any India Tour, India Gate is an attraction that cannot be missed!

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