Vegas with Sumeet Bains

We recently vacationed in Vegas, & wanted to share the experience as a big THANK YOU to both Westjet Vacations and SLS Hotel our Preferred Partners!

Day 1

We flew on WestJet, and as per usual had a great experience.  The flight attendants were super nice, and the service was great!  We didn’t have the Westjet apps on our electronic equipment (which you need on this flight to be able to watch movies etc.) but were luckily able to download it super quick before take off.  Recommend doing it at home!

We arrived to SLS and were impressed immediately. The vibe was that of a welcoming boutique hotel that is large enough, without being overwhelming. At checkin, we were lucky enough to receive an upgrade to a Suite, plus the hotel itself wasn’t overcrowded which was great!! We were able to checkin, and head upstairs to our room within 5 minutes.  

Our Suite was amazing!  It was super bright, airy, chic, and luxurious. We had a whole additional seating area with a table, plus a desk, massive TV, and huge bathroom.  We offloaded our stuff, and headed straight down to the pool!

The pool was very modern and hip.  It had a Club like atmosphere with a DJ spinning at a central bar (I think it was a pool party Sunday).  After travelling it was nice to arrive, throw on a swim suit and head down to the pool bar to relax.   The best part about it was we strolled in at 3PM and got a seat on a lawn chair right in the pool, totally unexpected!  We were told it’s busier in hotter months, but weather was beautiful for October. It was 32 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  Just Right for us!

Day 2

We started today with a quick shopping trip at the North Premium Outlets.  Word of advice for all you Canadians who aren’t using it….GET UBER!!!.  We didn’t get it until about ½ way through the trip and we wasted a ton of money on cabs.

The mall was big and had lots of stores, but we didn’t really find any great deals once you factored in the exchange 🙁  There were a few stores that made it worth your while, but I personally wouldn’t bother going there again unless there is something there you can’t find at one of our many new outlet stores here.

Next we headed to the strip and did a pretty good wander, checking a bunch of the hotels.  The Cosmopolitan and Aria are especially beautiful.  Along the way we went by “The Park” Vegas’s newest out door area where you can grab a snack and just people watch.  Being someone from Vancouver it’s a nice change from being in the “freezing” casinos!   From there we wandered over to the Bellagio for the must see fountains.  We actually got to see the American National Anthem being performed and it really pumps you up!

From there it was time to head to the Beer Garden and grab a snack and a couple of beverages…and watch Monday Night Football!  The Beer Garden was a great place to watch the game as you are outside and above the strip so you have a beautiful view, and a nice outdoorsy atmosphere to enjoy.  It was pretty packed so we got the full football feel experience!


Day 3

Our last day was spent enjoying everything that SLS had to offer.  We started our day by relaxing by the pool and trying to get the last little bit of Vegas sun before we came back to rainy Vancouver.

For lunch we ate at SLS’s pizza place 800 Degrees.  The bartender at the pool kindly told us about the special they run beforehand so we were able to take advantage of it.   Check out their instagram before heading over and mention it to them, and they will give you a special price on your pizza. It was super cheap, and literally was “the best” pizza ever.  Then back to the pool!

For happy hour we checked out both of their restaurants Katsuya and Bizarre Meats by Jose Andres.  No reservations necessary!  We shared a few appetizers at both places and were extremely impressed with the food, drinks and service.   Then finished the night at a show they have running at SLS called “Pretty Fly 90’s show” right at the SLS. It was really well done and super funny!  It was a fun experience, and recommend it if you have done the big shows on the strip before, and are looking for something a little more intimate and chill!

Day 4

Up early for the trip back home.  Used Uber again and saved a bunch more money!  We arrived really early at the airport, so we went to the lounge.  Do not recommend it at all!  It was $40.00 US and wasn’t worth it.

All in all an amazing vacation.  We really have to thank Westjet and the SLS Las Vegas for their hospitality.  It was the perfect mix of the Vegas party with a some downtime as well. We shall be back!