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For those interested in Cheap India Flights to travel to India now or in future, you have come to the right place at Bains Travel!  Currently, the Canada to India travel ban is still in place until August 21, 2021, but we are hopeful that this will be the final extension and travel can resume in a normal pattern after that date.

COVID cases in India have flatlined in the past few weeks and with increased vaccinations, they should continue their downward trend soon.  As we are unsure of what our government needs for the flights to resume, India can only vaccinate as fast as they can to decrease the spread to give the Canadian government the confidence to allow flights.  The fact that Canada is allowing fully vaccinated US travellers in the next few weeks, and all international travellers who are fully vaccinated shortly after that bodes well for a fall travel season for India!

Many Canadians have been missing friends and family for almost 2 years now, and have lost the chance to attend many important events so they are more than ready to book for this year.  We are already seeing significant bookings for the fall and winter even with current restrictions. Fully vaccinated Canadians are expecting freedom of movement again soon, and we hope our government will allow that opportunity!

The increased number of bookings for the fall is starting to have an impact on your ability to get a cheap India flight.  We are seeing certain direct flights on Air Canada slowly starting the fill-up.  You can still find the cheapest price but you may now have to adjust your dates as people are committing to India travel this year.  If you want to buy the cheapest ticket on the Air Canada direct flight from Toronto to Delhi it is $1,379 which is a big increase from the past few weeks. 

There are lots of other cheaper options available, but most people are opting for the convenience of the direct Air Canada flight.  If you are looking to secure an even cheaper option to India, then the British Airways flight that is priced at $939 including all taxes is an amazing deal.  In fact, British Airways is offering deeply discounted business class fares this year to India with prices available from $3,499. 

We have seen a surge in customers opting for business class because they are wanting the extra room it provides, and prices have never been this low.  If you want to try business class for the first time, this is a great time as these prices are about ½ of what they normally would be.

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For travellers leaving Vancouver on their way to Delhi, the options are very similar with Air Canada taking the majority of the traffic on their direct flight to New Delhi.  Right now, prices on the Air Canada Direct flight start from $1,259, which is a substantial increase from a few weeks back.  If you want to fly on the Air Canada direct flight to India this year, now is the time to secure your flight to get the best price!

If you are not concerned with the convenience of the non-stop, then take a look at the British Airways option via London.  Here again, the price is the lowest it has ever been with flights starting from only $899!  We have also seen a large number of people trying business class on these flights because the price is so low, with fares on British Airways starting from only $3,649.  Once again people are taking advantage of this situation to secure the cheapest flights to Delhi we have seen in years.

We are still in a similar situation we have been in with regards to Canada – India flights as we have been in the past few months, with the only significant change this week is that fares are slowly starting to rise.  We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but it is our strong opinion that the overly strict rules that Canada has in regard to India will have to change at some point soon.  Once that change is announced expect a massive run-on India flight tickets and quickly increasing prices.  For anyone who planning a trip to India now is the right time to secure your cheap India flight!

If you are want to find see last week’s cheap India flight blog, please click here and remember Bains Travel is your go-to place for any India flights or India tours!

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