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If you are looking for the latest news and updates on India flights, you have come to the right place.  There have been all kinds of news in the past days if you are looking to travel between Canada and India!  The first big announcement came from the Indian government that you will no longer require PCR testing to enter India from many countries, including Canada!

For passengers, this means that if you are on a direct flight from Canada or travelling via a 3rd country on the safe list (such as the United States or the United Kingdom) you no longer have to deal with the hassle and cost of getting a PCR test before your flight!  This is a significant change, that will reduce your overall cost and make it easier to get a cheap India flight.

In other big news, the Canadian government has also dropped their requirement for PCR testing as of March 1st!  While you will still need to get negative COVID results, this can now be done via a cheaper and quicker rapid test!  This means when you are coming back to Canada it will be easier than it’s been for almost 2 years!  Now you should be able to find a test only a few hours before your flight rather than dealing with long wait times for lab results.

For those looking to buy a cheap India flight from Toronto to India, there are finally some options available.  While most of the traffic is continuing to purchase the Air Canada direct flight from Toronto to Delhi, others are looking at options that stop in a 3rd country like the UK or UAE.

For those of you who are thinking of purchasing an India ticket on the Air Canada direct flight, the prices are still very high with prices available from $1,950!  If you looking to find a cheaper flight to India then Air France is probably your best bet via Paris where prices are available from $1,350.  For those looking for new options when they buy their tickets to India, we are finally seeing some competition in the market which means lower prices for you!

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If you are travelling from Vancouver to India prices are somewhat higher as there is a greater demand and fewer flight options.  As with flights out of Toronto, most India travellers are hoping to purchase the Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to New Delhi.  With this option being so popular customers are paying a high price.

Prices from Vancouver on the Air Canada direct flight are available from $2,780.  With prices so high on that flight, many are looking at other options such as United Airlines and Lufthansa.  Right now, you can purchase a flight on a combination from these airlines for $1,420.

Also, a good piece of information is that if you combine United Airlines, Lufthansa and Air Canada together it allows you to fly directly in one direction, and then stop to save some money in the other.  Overall prices from Vancouver to Delhi are still high, but we expect new players to enter the market soon as the rules change.  Keep in touch with your Bains Travel consultant as they will keep you informed to secure your cheap India flight!

Lots of positive news this week if you want to buy a flight ticket from Canada to India.  Rules and regulations are changing quickly and mostly in a positive direction.  As the rules change in most cases it means more flexibility, and cheaper tickets to India.  As many countries are moving to a place where we learn to live with this virus, we have all the expectations that things will get better allowing you and all your friends to find that cheap India flight you have been looking for.

If you are want to find see last week’s cheap India flight blog, please click here and remember Bains Travel is your go-to place for any India flights or India tours!

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