Lodhi Gardens | Escape the Stress of the Bustling New Delhi

While on your India Tour in the city of New Delhi there is an extreme impact of sights and sounds that enter your senses constantly.  Entering Lodhi gardens is an escape from all the hustle and bustle that is the city.  Taking a stroll in this beautiful park will take your mind off a busy India tour and allow you reset to enjoy the rest of this magical country.

The park is a great way to slow down and destress by taking a beautiful stroll or having a quiet picnic on its manicured lawns.  Lodhi gardens are a well-known area for Delhi’s elites to bring back mindfulness in a city that is packed with people, sights and sounds.  While on your India tour the need to slow down from the impact of the busyness of this amazing country is necessary to not be overwhelmed during your stay.

Lodhi gardens are spread over 90 acres in the heart of New Delhi.  The park contains Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, the Tomb of Sikander Lohi and architectural works of the 15th century.  The site is now fully protected by the national Archaeology survey of India to keep the landmark sites in pristine condition.  In the middle of the garden sits the Bara Gumbad or “Big Dome”, built-in 1494 it is thought to be a gateway and not an actual tomb.  The “Big Dome” was constructed during the leadership of the Lodhi dynasty and is known to be the earliest free-standing dome in Delhi.  Beside the Bara Gumbad lays the Shisha Gumbad or Mirrored Dome named due to its use of glazed tiles.  This dome contains graves but the occupants of the burial are unknown, perhaps they are close relatives of the Shah’s?

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Entering further into the gardens is the tomb of Sikander Lodi and the eight-pierid bridge, which is the last of the surviving buildings built in Delhi during this period.  The age of the structures and their historical importance is a beautiful site to see in Lodhi gardens.  The park itself was created during the reign of the British Empire in India by Lady Willington in 1936.  Lodhi gardens gained its current name after India gained its independence from Britain and was re-landscaped in 1968 and now sits in its current form.

While on any tour of India is important to slow down and smell the roses!  For anyone who has ever ventured into this great country or this beautiful city, you know that the action is unrelenting.  Lodhi gardens are the perfect opportunity to see some historical sites all while allowing you to relax on your India tour!

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