Looking for a Cheap Flight to India in 2023?

Welcome to 2023! If you’re searching for cheap flights to India, you’ve come to the right place. The Canada-India flight market has seen some significant changes in recent weeks. Although prices are still relatively high, there are factors that could impact them in the short and medium term allowing you to find the cheap India flight you are looking for!

China recently announced that it is reopening to international visitors and has relaxed most of its COVID restrictions. This has had two main effects on Canada-India flights. Firstly, India has implemented a requirement that all passengers coming from China, Korea, Japan, and Thailand presents a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to arrival. While this may make it more challenging to travel to India from East Asia in the short term, it could also lead to lower prices for carriers like Korean Airlines and Cathay Pacific due to reduced demand which will help you get a cheap India flight.

The other major change is the reopening of China to international arrivals. While it will take some time for flights to resume, the return of Chinese carriers like China Eastern, Air China, and China Southern should significantly decrease prices from Canada to India, as there will be a large increase in available seats. Although it may take longer than we’d like, this news should eventually allow you to find cheap flights to India.

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As we near the end of the peak booking period for travel to India, many people are still hoping to find a last-minute cheap India flight before the weather in India worsens and improves in Canada. Most customers want to fly in mid-February and return early in the spring to escape the remaining Canadian winter. For passengers departing from Toronto to Delhi, the Air Canada direct flight is available for $2850, while the Air India direct flight to Delhi costs $2350, saving $500. Many customers are hoping to save even more by flying with a layover, but currently, the Air India direct flight is the cheapest option.

For customers departing from Vancouver to Delhi, the Air India flight is priced at the same rate as the Toronto flight at $2350, despite the fact that Air India currently has no competition on the direct Vancouver to Delhi service. While there are many other options with layovers, Air India is currently the cheapest option and therefore attracts the majority of passengers.  As airlines re-orient for the new year we expect more options to find cheap flights to India.

As we conclude 2022, many people were able to visit their family and friends in India for the first time in a year, but due to various changes in demand, fewer people were able to find a cheap flight to India than they had hoped. We expect to see significant changes in 2023 as demand decreases and China opens for international flights, bringing increased competition and potentially lower prices for flights to India.

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