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As many people are awaiting the announcements from the federal government that Cheap India Flights can resume, they are busy getting their second dose of vaccine.  The large numbers of vaccinations are coinciding with many more calls and bookings for India flights this fall.  Most people are very confident that travel to India will be a lot less stressful in the coming weeks and months, especially for those who have been fully vaccinated.  While we at Bains Travel are not aware of any changes to the India flight ban our government can at any time change the rules and reduce the restrictions.  With India holding steady at around 40,000 cases per day the previous wave of infection seems to have dropped off.  This combined with the successful rollout of vaccines in Canada is increasing the level of confidence that we can finally get back to a regular travel pattern between Canada & India.

Those who have already committed to booking their fall flight to India have already been successful at securing their cheap India flight.  As demand has been very low for the last few months those who have booked are getting a great price.   If the government does change the rules and allow the flights to procced you can expect a massive number of bookings very quickly in addition to rising prices.  Luckily if the flights are cancelled Air Canada will offer you a full refund, it is for this reason the vast majority of our travellers are choosing their direct flight option from Canada to Delhi.

If you are looking to book today, there are some amazing prices this fall if you need a one-way flight or a return trip.  If you are only looking to purchase a one-way ticket from Toronto to Delhi you can find a price for as low as $499!  We have never seen a price like that for the direct flight to India.  If you would like to travel on the Air Canada flight in both directions the price is still amazing at $1299 per person, but if you would consider travelling via New York on your return you can find a ticket for as low as $1039!  These are all amazing prices but they are based on the fact that demand is low right now and that could change the moment the rules relax, which could be at any moment.

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If you are flying out of Vancouver you can expect the prices on the Air Canada direct flight to be even less!  While one-way fares are the same at around $499, round-trip prices are available from only $1199!  If you want to fly on the direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi on Air Canada prices will not get better than this.  Those who have already secured their flight and those who book soon will enjoy some of the best prices seen in the last 10 years!  If you are willing to stop in San Francisco on your return you can save even more with flights as low as $1059, these amazing prices will not last long so book now if you are sure you want to travel to India this year.

Travelling to India from Canada has been a lot different over the past year, but with our vaccination rate increasing every day and COVID cases falling in both Canada and India, there is a high expectation that we will finally get back to regularly scheduled flights.  As airlines are pushing hard for new bookings the ability to secure cheap India flights is the best it has been in years.  With many people asking questions now that they have had their second vaccine and with missing travel last year, we expect seats to fill extremely fast.  If you want to travel to India this year now is the time to book your cheap flight because prices will go up as seats are being booked quickly with prices so low.

If you are want to find see last week’s cheap India flight blog, please click here and remember Bains Travel is your go-to place for any India flights or India tours!

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