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If you are looking for cheap India flights you have come to the right place!  On this blog we are trying our very best to keep you updated on the latest news for Cheap India Flights from Canada to India.  Flying from Toronto to India or Vancouver to India are always your best options as they provide the only direct flights in Canada.  If you have recently booked your India flight it is important to note that they have updated their rules for COVID screening.  Previously you could get tested 4 days before departure and receive a negative result which would allow you to skip quarantine, the new rules now enforce a negative result only 3 days before departure.  While this does make things a bit more difficult for getting a test in Canada you can always get your test done at the Delhi airport.

For Indian students who are looking to go back to visit family in India or OCI card holders there is ample opportunity to travel.  This week we have seen a large increase in bookings as passengers are making plans to visit their home country during the holiday season.  As there is still plenty of concern due to changing rules and caseloads the vast majority of travellers are choosing to travel via Toronto or Vancouver on either the Air Canada direct flight or the Air India direct flight.  While there are cheaper options available most would rather have the peace of mind that they do not have to stop in a third country that could change the rules after a booking.

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For Toronto to India flights there are still great prices available on both direct options.  If you are looking to travel on the Air Canada direct flight from Toronto to Delhi you can travel one-way from very low price of $675, if you want to fly from Delhi to Toronto on the same direct flight, one-way prices are as low as $725.  If you purchasing a round-trip ticket on the Toronto to India Air Canada direct flight, pricing is available from as low as $1179.  Air India direct flights from Toronto to India are also available at a very similar price.

Flying from Vancouver on the Air Canada direct flight to Delhi is even less!  Travelling one-way from Vancouver to Delhi will cost around $625, if you want to travel in reverse from Delhi to Vancouver on the Air Canada direct flight you will be looking at a price of $715.  For those clients wishing to book a round-trip flight from Vancouver to Delhi on the Air Canada direct flight you can find prices as low as $1159!

There are many cheap flights to India available this year and while it may be difficult to get into India because of the pandemic, for those who can and wish to travel this is the right time to save money.  If you are travelling from Toronto to India or Vancouver to India, Bains Travel has a local office to service you!

If you are looking for cheap India tickets from Vancouver or Toronto or anywhere in Canada now is the time is a great time to lock in your low price!

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