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If you are looking to purchase Cheap India Flights this fall, now is the time to book. Fares will not get lower than they are right now with overcapacity for flights travelling Eastbound over the Atlantic.

With Canada lowering restrictions for all countries starting in a few weeks, there has been significant demand for travel coming from Europe to Canada.  The same cannot be said for the reverse with as so many empty seats need to be filled going in the other direction.  This means cheap India flights are available for you and your family!

It doesn’t matter if you are flying from Vancouver, Toronto or another Canadian city like Calgary or Edmonton.  Even if you are not flying to New Delhi and need to get to Mumbai, Calcutta or Hyderabad, the airlines are desperate to fill seats into Europe and India which means lower flight tickets for you!

The one qualifier that you must consider when booking your cheap flight to India this year is the direct flight on Air Canada is relatively expensive.  Even though no one has any idea when our government will allow these flights to operate, Air Canada is still expecting a high demand when they do so they are keeping the price quite high.

Many travellers are still concerned to travel through a 3rd country and would like the convenience of the direct flight to Delhi and forgo any extra savings.  Due to the direct flights currently being banned by the federal government the only choice right now is to use another carrier with Lufthansa, British Airways and United Airlines being the most popular.

For those looking to travel on the direct flight from Toronto to Delhi on Air Canada pricing is available early in the fall for $1,359.  It is important to remember that the flight ban could impact these flights with cancellation being forced upon Air Canada at the last possible moment.  For this reason, Lufthansa is proving to be very popular over the past few weeks as they have great connections on one-way flights from Canada to India.  The one-way flight from Toronto to Delhi via Frankfurt can be found as low as $599.

If you are looking to purchase a round-trip airfare, they can be found for as little as $1,099.  By this time of year, most prices would be closer to $1,500 via Europe, so it is an amazing time to secure a cheap flight to India from Toronto!

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For those who are looking for cheap flights to India out of Vancouver, there are additional options available with British Airways finally returning to service.  While the flag carrier of the United Kingdom has returned, Lufthansa is once again the most popular option as they have a lower price and even better connections.

If you want a cheap one-way flight to India, Lufthansa is offering prices for only $599, or you can purchase a round-trip flight for $1,039.  The Air Canada direct flight to Delhi is still available to purchase late in September and throughout the fall, but most people are avoiding it for now, because they are too many unknowns around what will happen with the India flight ban.

As we head into fall and what would normally be a very busy time for India flights, we expect a more subdued atmosphere and less of the big rush for travellers getting to India for the festival season.  The fact that we do expect lower numbers of passengers means that there is a great opportunity to secure a cheap flight from Canada to India this year.

While we all hope that things will finally get back to normal, it will most likely be a few more weeks or months until we can easily connect with friends and family in India the way we had been used to in years past.  As vaccinations in India and Canada continue and we move into a new phase of the pandemic, we all hope that restrictions will continue to be removed so we can all easily visit the places we want to easily and without hassle.  Until that time comes you can be assured of the fact that at least you will be able to save when buying your cheap flight to India this year!

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