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With all of the recent changes to India flights from Canada, you have come to the right place to find your next cheap India flight.  In the last few weeks, there has been a flurry of new announcements.  First Air India increased flights to Toronto, then Lufthansa added Vancouver to Munich year-round and finally Air Canada made the biggest splash by turning their service from Montreal to Delhi into a daily operation and adding Vancouver and Calgary to London via Delhi.  All of this news in a short time has increased excitement for those planning to travel from Canada to India this year, but there is even more happening in the market!

Last week Virgin Atlantic announced a return to Canada by coming to our biggest city Toronto!  The press release for the announcement states that one of the primary reasons to come back to Toronto is the large Indian immigrant population so they will ensure that they have seamless connections on their Toronto to Delhi flight via Heathrow, but there is even more!

Virgin Atlantic also made a statement that it will be increasing its code-share partnership with Canada’s number two airline WestJet.  While this may not seem like huge news for Canada to India flights, it is!  WestJet is already flying to London from Calgary on their 787 Dreamliner and with this expanded partnership you will be able to fly from Western Canada on WestJet to London and connect to Virgin Atlantic flights to New Delhi and Mumbai.  While these options are not yet available to purchase, they should happen soon and this new entrant will increase competition on all Canada to India routes, this will allow you to find a new way to get to India and cheap India flights for you!

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Customers looking to buy a cheap India flight from Toronto are paying a little bit more than those who purchased a few weeks ago, but there are plenty of cheap India flights available.  Delta Airlines with KLM continues to be the lowest-priced option in the market with prices starting from only $1629.  While these are basic economy fares an upsell to a flexible fare is only a few hundred more.  Another great option for those departing from Toronto is the Air India direct flight starting from only $1850.  Now that they have added the second flight, they are offering lower prices to ensure they have enough passengers on their planes, all of this means cheap India flights for you from Toronto!

Passengers departing from Vancouver have even lower prices available when looking for a cheap flight to India!  Air France is aggressively pursuing the market with their lead in fares starting from only $1420.  A price point of below $1500 is something we have not seen in about 5 years!  In addition, Air India is competing heavily especially now that Air Canada has re-entered the market.  As Air India is still the only direct flight option from Vancouver to Delhi, it commands a premium but it is still a bargain at $1875.  With the ramp up in so many new options we actually believe Air India will have to reduce their prices more to keep their flights full.

News for cheap India flights from Canada has been coming out fast and furious over the past few weeks as we enter a new competitive environment.  The pent-up demand has moved through the airline systems and they once again are searching for new markets to increase their bottom line.  Many airlines have increased their focus on the Canada to India market which will mean cheap India flights for you!

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