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The city of Montreal is second biggest city in Canada and the biggest city in the province of Quebec.  Montreal is bi-lingual with a strong French influence.  It is also host to one of Air Canada’s hub’s and its head office.  While Montreal is very important to Canada and Air Canada overall, it does not have a direct flight to India.  The Indian population in Montreal is not small but because of the use of French in the city many Indian immigrants have decided to live in the English-speaking parts of Canada.  Overall due to its importance to the country and the large size of the city there are plenty of great options to find Cheap India Flights from Montreal.

The list and details contained here are many of the airlines currently flying to India from Montreal.  It includes information about schedules and cities.  As this information changes constantly, it is extremely important to check with your Bains Travel agent to get the most up-date details for cheap India flights.

Air Canada

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada and is the most important carrier flying in and out of Montreal.  Although Air Canada does not have a direct flight to India from Montreal, they do have ample connections to bring you to Vancouver or Toronto to catch their direct flights.  The shortest and most convenient option is to fly from Montreal to Toronto to get on the direct flight to Delhi or Mumbai (Bombay).  The flight time to Delhi using this route is about 17 hours.  A longer option is to fly to Vancouver and then fly on the Air Canada direct flight to Delhi which adds almost 5 hours to the flight.  Using this direct flight option may not always be the cheapest but you can be assured a great schedule and extreme comfort because of the new 787 Dreamliner aircraft that Air Canada uses on the flight.  The Dreamliner not only provides more fuel efficiency it also has upgraded technology to allow you to arrive at your destination feeling more refreshed than using other types of airplanes.

While there are many benefits to using Air Canada one significant issue is you are only allowed one free piece of checked luggage.  While most carriers allow two free pieces of checked luggage to India, Air Canada does not.  If you do need the extra piece of luggage it will add a cost to your trip.

As with any city in Canada, Air Canada should be right at the top of your list when looking for cheap India flights.  Their direct flights to India along with their strong partnerships with Lufthansa and United always make them a great option for your India trip.


Lufthansa is another great company flying to India from Montreal.  The flight time via Germany is almost the same as using Air Canada via Toronto at only 17 and ½ hours.  Lufthansa only operates to their Munich hub from Montreal but it does have a great connection to Delhi.  You can also get to their other German hub city of Frankfurt by using their codeshare partner Air Canada.  Frankfurt operates to many more cities in India than Munich does but if you are looking to fly to Delhi the flight via Munich is your best bet.  The Lufthansa group of airlines aligns their pricing with Air Canada so you need to look at these options together.  If you really want to use the Air Canada direct flight but also want the cheapest price to India you may want to try using Lufthansa in one direction only.

The Lufthansa group of airlines continues to offer 2 free piece of checked luggage which can be a big benefit if you are bring gifts or other goodies back and forth to family.  The service on Lufthansa has always been kept to a high standard and you can be confident that you will have no issues on their flights.  In addition, because they have put significant resources into the India market you can be assured that they will understand the Indian languages and culture.

While Lufthansa prides themselves on a high level of service you can also find a cheap India flight on this carrier group if you are creative with routing options.  As the Star Alliance group has the greatest number of routing options to India from North America there is always a way to find a great price to India.

British Airways

Another great option for flights to India out of Montreal is British Airways.  The London based airline has a long relationship in Montreal and they also fly to a large number of cities in India.  British Airways is currently flying a 787 Dreamliner to London and to Delhi on their shortest connecting flight, which means you will be on the newest aircraft with the greatest technology on both flights.  The short flight option to Delhi on British Airways from Montreal is just about 16 hours.  Pricing on British Airways is quite competitive as they are always concerned about losing market share to Lufthansa, KLM and Air France.  While they are competitive British Airways has a large number of passengers funneling into their Indian flights from all over North America so it isn’t always easy to get a cheap flight to India.

If you are on British Airways you can be assured of a high-quality service from the time you depart until the time you arrive in India.  Your transit in London will be through the dedicated British Airways Terminal 5 ensuring that you have a seamless connection in London.  Overall British Airways is a great carrier and one your best options when looking for cheap India flights from Montreal.

Air France

As Air France is the national carrier of France and Quebec is a former colony and French speaking, the airline has a strong commitment to Montreal.  Currently they provide daily service to Paris, their hub city.  Air France currently operates to the cities of Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), Bangalore and Chennai in India giving you a selection of the major international destinations there.  The total flight time to Delhi on Air France is about 18 and ½ hours which is a few hours more than British Airways, Lufthansa and Air Canada.  For this reason, Air France usually offers very competitive airfares to India from Montreal.  You can be assured that the service on Air France will be impeccable due their longevity.

Air France and KLM have also merged in recent years so you can also route via the KLM hub in Amsterdam.  Using this option can further reduce your price if the KLM flights have lower classes available.  The combinability of the two carriers is the best way to find the cheapest price to India.

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    Montreal - No Direct Flights to India - Air Canada
    Find Cheap Flights to India from Winnipeg - British Airways

United Airlines

United Airlines is another great option for cheap flights to India.  They are part of the joint venture program with Air Canada, Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines.  This group allows you to route on any of the carriers to find the best price to India.  With United Airlines the shortest flight time is to route through Newark airport in New Jersey.  From Newark, United operates a direct flight to Delhi.  The total flight time from Montreal to Delhi on this route is about 19 and ½ hours.  Although the connection is longer you can also go through United’s other hub city of San Francisco which also has a direct flight to Delhi.  There are a huge number of routing options when using United because they are part of the Star Alliance. The best way to find the cheapest price to India on United is to not worry if you route through Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Munich, Frankfurt or even Zurich.  If you are flexible with your routing you will get a great price on United Airlines.  If you are looking for the cheapest air ticket price to India out of Montreal you must look at United and the entire Star Alliance Joint Venture Group.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the largest carriers operating out the Middle East to India.  As Qatar requires many people to help this growing country it needs a massive amount of people from India.  For this reason, Qatar Airways operates to a large number of cities to India, much more than other carriers from Europe.  The flights to the Middle East on Qatar are very popular but due to government restrictions they do not operate a daily service.  If you plan to fly on Qatar Airways you must book early to get a cheap price to India.  The total flying time to India on Qatar Airway is about 19 ½ hours to New Delhi.  While the flight from Montreal to Doha is very long, the service is top notch as Qatar Airways has also tried to be one the premiere airlines in the world.  If you are looking to travel to India especially if you are not flying to one of the biggest cities Qatar Airways will probably be a great option when combining schedule and price.

Turkish Airways

Turkish Airways is another great option for cheap tickets to India.  While relatively new to the Montreal market they offer competitive fares to India.  Flying through their hub in Istanbul Turkey they offer a quality service.  Turkish Airlines has quickly expanded their worldwide reach as they wish to become one of the larger carriers in the world.  In order to achieve this growth, they need Indian passengers as part of their strategy.  It currently takes about 20 hours to fly from Montreal to Delhi with a 4 hour stop in Turkey.  This stop allows you to stretch your legs but it’s not enough time to explore the great city.  If you have time spending a few days in historic Istanbul a stopover is a great way to see the city.  Turkish Airlines is also part of the Star Alliance group which means they do have limited partnerships with the other carriers but they are not part of the joint venture agreement so you will need to stick with flying them in both directions in order to get this best price.  When flying to India from Montreal Turkish Airway is a smart option to get the cheapest price on your air ticket to India.

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    Montreal - No Direct Flights to India - Turkish

Swiss Airways

Swiss Airways is the national carrier of Switzerland with its hub being Zurich.  Swiss was purchased by Lufthansa a few years back but continues to operate independently of its owner.  Although it does operate under its own brand it still works closely with Lufthansa.  As it is part of the same airline group Swiss Airways is also part of the joint venture agreement with Air Canada, United and the rest of the Lufthansa group of airlines.  As with the with rest of the group, pricing in Canada is set by Air Canada but with so many seats available across the entire joint venture partnership you can be assured that you will be able get a cheap India flight.

Right now, the total flying time to Delhi on Swiss Airways via Zurich is about 21 hours.  While not the shortest flight from Montreal it does provide a great connection.  The layover in Zurich is just about 6 hours which is enough time to quickly check out a site or two in this great European city.  Of course, you won’t have time to see all the sites but if you can spend a few days Zurich is a center of business and culture.  Overall being part of the joint venture group provides all kinds of different options for your trip to India and this carrier needs to be looked at as a potential option.

Air China

Air China is the national carrier of China with its hub city being the capital Beijing.  Air China is relatively new to the Montreal market but do want a piece of the significant India traffic.  For this reason, they offer very cheap flights to India.  As they do not have daily service to Montreal and they are popular with the Chinese market it is important to book them early to secure a very low price.  Avoiding Chinese New Year’s is a good practice on Air China as they already have high passenger loads from the Chinese community during this period, but outside of that time (usually part of Jan or Feb) they are a great option for cheap India flights.   If you are travelling in a small family group the savings can be very significant over their competition. If you are looking for cheap flights to India Air China is very good option to be considered.


KLM is the national carrier of the Netherlands which has its hub in Amsterdam.  The airline has always been good at transiting passengers from different parts of the world at their hub city.  One way they are able to do this is by low taxes put on by the government which means additional savings.  In addition, KLM and Air France are part of the same ownership group so you can route through Amsterdam in one direction and through Paris on your return.  Or if you can find a cheaper price to India by routing through both cities in one direction you can do that as well.  The flight time on KLM to Delhi from Montreal will take about 19 ½ hours.  KLM does not have daily service from Amsterdam to Montreal so if you don’t see an option on the day you are planning to travel try moving it forward or back by one day to find their flight.

Overall KLM is a great option for a trip to India, especially because of their partnership with Air France.  If you are looking to find the cheapest India flight available KLM should be high on your list.

When travelling to India from Montreal the options are not as varied as Toronto or Vancouver.  Without access to a direct flight you need to stop somewhere on your trip, but that does not mean great options are not available.  The Indian market is very competitive in Montreal so the airlines do what is necessary to get business.  All of this ensures that from Montreal you do have access to cheap India flights.

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As the options for flights from Canada to India are vast, it is very important that you work with an agent who understands your needs.  Bains Travel has been working with clients from all over Canada for 70+ years booking the best options for all India flights.

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