Everything You Need to Know about New Flights from Canada to India 2021

For all of you looking for information regarding Cheap India Flights this year, you have come to the right place. We compile all the latest news for flights from Canada to India every week to keep our customers up to date!

Over the past week, not too much has changed except for more people are finalizing their plans from Vancouver to India and Toronto to India.  What we have seen is a major uptake for customers leaving at the last moment, as many people have decided to go to India for the festival and wedding season.

Unfortunately, there are also many calls for customers wanting to get an India flight for the Christmas season, but those fares are incredibly high with prices at almost $3,000 per person.  Most have decided that it will be too expensive to go to Delhi this year over the holiday season, but we are seeing many more inquiries for travel in 2022, especially for late spring where prices are much lower with people locking in their cheap flight to India.

For flights out of Toronto on the direct flight from Air Canada prices are moving up as flights are starting to fill.  If you want a one-way last-minute flight from Toronto flights are close to $1,375.  Round trip flights can be found for $2,280.  As many customers have booked in the last few weeks the seat inventory is low so prices are quite high.

For many people who are flexible with their trip, they have started to look at prices in late winter where savings are available, with prices on the Air Canada direct flight from $1,750.  In addition, we are starting to see more travellers looking at indirect options hoping that the rules will change.

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Out of Vancouver prices are quite a bit lower with more inventory available.  In early November one-way flights on the direct flight are available from $1,200.  If you want to purchase a round-trip ticket the fare will be close to $2100.  While these fares are quite high, they are lower than what you will find from Toronto!  As the prices to India on the direct flight are high and many people want the convenience of that flight, most are pushing their trip out late winter or early spring the get a better price.

One option customers are using to secure a cheap flight to India is to use the new direct service out of Montreal.  Many Canadians are taking the route via Montreal, as there is less traffic on that particular flight so you can save a couple of hundred dollars per person.  In addition, Air Canada has plenty of connections to most cities in Canada from Montreal.

Overall, we have seen a massive uptake in flights to India, as can be seen by the extremely high fares people are willing to pay.  We do expect that this will be the case for the rest of the India travel season, as government restrictions will probably remain in place.

If rules do change and customers can fly via an in-direct route that will help relieve some of the pricing and inventory pressures, but if you haven’t booked your flight to India yet be prepared to pay more than you have in previous years.  Overall, if you haven’t booked your cheap India flight this year you need to book right away as there are too many passengers and not enough seats!

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