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If you are looking for news on cheap India flights you have come to the right place.  This week is showing increased demand for passengers booking for the fall which is putting pressure on prices.  In the past few week’s India ticket prices have started to go up for fall and winter as airlines are already seeing that they will have issues in increasing capacity.

With all of the carriers from China to India stopping service due to the pandemic it has massively increased demand for the remaining carriers.  The added problem of the closure of Russian airspace has further reduced capacity by stopping many flights from North America to India, including those from Air Canada and United Airlines on the West Coast.  With these significant concerns regarding the number of passengers trying to secure the limited number of seats during the peak India travel season, many people are booking now to lock in their savings for their flight to Delhi.

Some positive news regarding customers looking to buy a cheap flight to India, Korean Airlines has announced a new service from Seoul to New Delhi.  This new flight will be running a limited schedule this summer with only 3 flights a week, but that will hopefully increase this fall if the service is successful.  With Korean Airlines already having flights to both Vancouver and Toronto this should be an additional option for flights to India this year.  The high-end service that Korean Airlines is known for and the fact that this service will be new could mean that they will offer great prices for travel from Canada to India this year.

Currently, Korean Airlines does not connect for flights this summer from Canada to India, but the flight from Delhi to Korea to both Vancouver and Toronto is providing a new option for cheap India flights.  While the additional service from Korean Airlines is welcome news, it probably will not increase capacity enough to have a significant impact on prices this fall and winter.

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For the many customers looking to buy a flight now for the fall and winter, it is time to start thinking seriously as many people have already purchased their tickets to India.  For customers who are travelling from Toronto and are interested in the direct flight on Air Canada to New Delhi prices are high at $2,150.  While there is a certain part of the market that will pay significantly more for the added convenience of the direct flight with Air Canada or Air India, most will be looking to save money by connecting through another city. Right now, Air France has the cheapest ticket to India in the market with prices starting from $1,600, this flight via Paris in both directions is proving to be very popular for fall bookings.

Customers travelling from Vancouver to Delhi are also inquiring about fall and winter flights.  There are fewer bookings than we are seeing from Toronto as customers out West tend to book with shorter notice.  Those customers who are ready to book are once again asking about the direct flight on Air Canada as even though it will not operate this summer from Vancouver, it will be starting again this fall.  One of the reasons customers are not willing to purchase the direct flight on Air Canada quite yet is the prices are substantially higher than flights out of Toronto with airfare starting from $2,550

Customers looking to buy a cheap flight to India this year will be avoiding the direct flights as there are much better deals available.  Right now, once again Air France is leading the way with a price of $1,440 which includes 2 pieces of luggage.  Finally, Singapore Airlines is offering amazing prices out of Vancouver from only $1,251 to Delhi. With their current schedule ending direct flights to Vancouver in October, they are being very aggressive on prices although there is a good chance that the direct flights will continue operate in the fall and winter as well!

Overall, this week is showing that many customers are planning and securing a cheap flight to India as much as 6 months in advance.  Those who are booking early are locking in their savings and will not have to worry about higher prices because of higher fuel prices or lack of seats.  We expect this India travel season to be extremely busy as so many have not seen their friends and family in over two years.

There is concern that those who wait too long to book might be locked out of the market again due to rising prices.  The one piece of advice that we can provide is to book early and lock in your price rather than hope India ticket prices will suddenly drop.

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