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This week if you are looking for information on cheap India flights from Toronto to India or Vancouver to India there are some significant changes.  The federal government announced that as of Jan 7th all travellers entering Canada over the age of 5 will need to show a negative COVID test.  The COVID test must use the PCR standard and has to be taken within 72 hours of your flight departure.  While this is an added inconvenience for anyone returning to Canada it is now mandatory except in a limited number of situations.

Anyone returning to Canada including those who are in India right now must plan to get their test before their return flight.  While this may reduce demand as it makes travel more difficult the direct flights on Air Canada and Air India are expected to continue, so it may end up reducing prices for those who must make the trip.  So far, since the announcement has been made demand for India flights continues to be strong so prices are rising.

If you are looking to fly from Toronto to Delhi on the Air Canada direct flight it is available from $1,185 round trip including all taxes!  If you only need a one-way fare from Toronto to India you can find a fare for as low as $699, or if you only need a price from Delhi to Toronto one-way, they are available from $865.  These prices are for Winter departures returning early in the Spring.  If you are planning to travel to India this fall prices are available now!  We expect to see very high demand for fall and winter 2021 as Canadians get access to the vaccine.  If you are going from Canada to India this year, the smart choice is to book early and save!

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For those travellers on the West coast departing from Vancouver there are cheap India flights available from $1,199.  One-way fares from Vancouver to Delhi on the Air Canada direct flight can be found for as little as $729, or if you want to return one-way from Delhi to Vancouver fares start from $899.  We are starting to hear people asking questions about booking for the fall so if you are planning to travel to India later in 2021 it is a good idea to book early.

Once again winter flights returning to Canada from India are very full up the end of January, so for those hoping to make a quick trip in the next few days it will be very expensive.  Many customers decided to wait and see how rules would change to book at the very last minute, and unfortunately the ended up paying a lot more.  With the limited number of flights to India this year it is very important to book early if you want to secure your cheap India flight!

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