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The city of Ottawa is the capital of Canada.  While it is the center of politics in the country, the city is not very large, especially when compared to Toronto and Montreal, which are the two largest centers in the Eastern part of the country.  As Ottawa is a close distance to both Montreal and Toronto who have large international airports most of the India flights you will use route through either of one of these cities.  In addition, the Indian population in Ottawa is not significantly large so the competitiveness for this relatively small market impacts the lack of choices.  Overall, the number of options out of Ottawa is significantly less than other cities in Canada but that does not mean you don’t have options when looking for Cheap India Flights.

Air Canada

Out of Ottawa Air Canada will be your primary option for cheap flights to India.  The national carrier of Canada has many flights to Ottawa but the vast majority are domestic with some to Europe including London.  Your best connection to fly from Ottawa to India is to fly via Toronto.   Air Canada has direct flights from Toronto to Delhi and Bombay with many connections to Ottawa.  Air Canada operates direct flights to both Delhi and Bombay from Toronto using their 787 Dreamliner.

The shortest flight from Ottawa to Delhi connecting through Toronto is about 16 hours this includes a one-hour layover in Toronto. If you are flying to Bombay (Mumbai) you will be looking at a total flying time of about 17 and ½ hours.  Air Canada is a terrific option when looking for India flights from Ottawa.  While other options do exist when combining the fact that they are competitively priced and have an amazing schedule because to their direct flights, they should be number one on your list when looking for cheap India flights from Ottawa to India.

British Airways

British Airways is the national carrier of Great Britain with their hub being Heathrow, London.  British Airways unfortunately does not fly directly into the city of Ottawa but that does not mean they do not offer great connections through both Montreal and Toronto.  As Air Canada & WestJet both offer connections through these cities you can get on a British Airways flights.  British Airways does not have a code share agreement with either WestJet or Air Canada out of Ottawa so you will need to buy separate tickets.  While you need to be careful when going this route as the airlines do not protect you in case of flight misconnections it can still make sense if there is a great seat sale on flights to India with British Airways.  If you have family, friends or a meeting to attend in Toronto this option makes even more sense as you won’t have any issues with connecting flights.

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Lufthansa is another option that makes sense when flying out of Ottawa.  They also do not fly directly into the city so you will need to go via Toronto or Montreal when looking for a cheap India flight.  Lufthansa is part of the Star Alliance program so they have seamless agreements with Air Canada.  To get to a Lufthansa flight you will take Air Canada first to connect to a flight via Germany on your way to India.  The shortest option to fly out to India is to fly via Toronto and Frankfurt with a totally flying time of 20 hours.  You can also fly via Montreal and Munich which only ads 15 minutes to your flight.  Both options are great so just look to see which direction is cheaper to make sure you get your best India price.

Pricing on Lufthansa is controlled by Air Canada due to their joint venture agreement.  You can usually find a cheaper fare on Lufthansa than on Air Canada because their schedule is not as good as using the direct flight.  The better schedule on Air Canada usually entices them to block off the cheapest booking classes in order to get more revenue on their direct flight to India from Toronto.  It is always smart to see if it makes sense to combine your options to get the great schedule in one direction and also protect your pocketbook by looking at an extra stop on your return.

United Airlines

Another carrier that works with the joint venture agreement and the Star Alliance is United Airlines.   United Airlines has a direct flight from Washington, DC to Ottawa to connect both of the county’s capitals for political and business reasons.  This definitely works in your favor to find great India flights.  The United Airlines flight to Washington connects to flight to Frankfurt, Germany which connects to all of the cities that Lufthansa flies to India.  This option is not available from any other cities in Canada because United to does not have too many flights from Washington, DC to Canada, especially that connect so well for your India flights.  As mentioned above Air Canada will control pricing on this route and it may make sense to use this in one direction and then use Air Canada direct flight or Lufthansa via Frankfurt and Toronto on your return.  When looking at any of the Star Alliance carriers it is an absolute must to look at them altogether to secure a cheap India flight.  If you look at these airlines as separate entities you will pay more than you should.

Air India

Air India is the flag carrier of India and they offer direct flights into several North American cities.  In Canada they do not work too closely with Air Canada even though they are part of the same alliance.  Air Canada would rather have Canadians book on their own direct flight via Toronto so they don’t offer a single ticket connection on the direct flight with Air India.  While it may not be easy to book via Toronto you can book on the Air India flight out of New York.  The total flight time is a bit on the longer side at 26 hours but at least you can don’t have to change airplanes more than twice.  Another benefit of using this option is you may be able to get a cheaper price on your Ottawa to India flight, but if you use Air India you need to use them in both directions as they are not part of any joint venture agreement.

While the number of options to fly to India from Ottawa is significantly less than other Canadian cities there are still very good options available.  Find the cheapest price on your India flight will take a bit more work from here but if you work with a Bains Travel agent who know how to find the best price you can be assured that you will great value on your airline ticket to India.

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As the options for flights from Canada to India are vast, it is very important that you work with an agent who understands your needs.  Bains Travel has been working with clients from all over Canada for 70+ years booking the best options for all India flights.

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