Peak Booking Window for India Tickets is Here!

Travellers looking to buy a cheap India ticket for this fall and winter are now in full booking mode as we are now within the back-to-school booking window.  There has been a flood of India flight purchases in the last week as prices have come down since Air India increased its fall frequency to a daily service.  Even with the lower fares the vast majority of customers still end up paying over $2000 for their flight tickets to India.

With strong demand for the foreseeable future customers may have to get used to paying more for their India tickets than what was available before the pandemic.  While some customers are still able to get a good deal based on their dates of travel, many are paying substantially more than they have in the past five years.

While many bookings from Canada to India have already been made there is a certain customer who is still waiting for prices to go down even further.  Prices could drop even further if airlines decide that the flight loads are not where they need to be and are forced to take a lower price to get additional revenue.

This is a risky strategy but one that could pay off, but now that we are getting close to the prime travel season, those who have waited may have no choice but to book at a higher fare if they want specific dates, especially for those hoping to reach India for the festival season.  Overall, it seems that customers have decided that now is the right time to book to secure a cheap flight to India as they are running out of time with only a few weeks left in summer.

Customers looking for a flight from Toronto to India are enjoying some lower fares than have been available in the last few weeks.


While the majority of bookings have been on British Airways, there has also been a significant number of ticket purchases on Air India as they have the best price in the market for early fall. 

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You can now buy a ticket on the Air India direct flight from Toronto to Delhi for $1870.  In addition, the Air Canada direct flight is also a great option as they have also lowered their fares for early fall tickets as they are now available for $2100.  While the Air Canda direct flight only provides one free bag as compared to the two free bags provided by Air India, it is still very popular due to its strong brand and high level of customer service.  Overall, those who waited to buy a ticket for the early fall are now enjoying better options for cheap India tickets, but the majority of clients are currently looking for flights in the winter of this year.

From Vancouver, the vast majority of tickets to India being sold is with Air India.  Now that Air India has increased their schedule to a daily direct service from Vancouver to Delhi, they are also needed to lower its fares to encourage the market to travel to India.  The fall fares are available from $1729 on the Air India direct flights which is much lower than was available a few weeks back.  In addition, British Airways continues to be a solid second place for fall travel to India with their combination of great fares and service.  Finally, we are seeing Turkish Airlines with some low fares early in the new year which has shifted some business to this new service from Vancouver.  Overall, with the additional capacity added to Vancouver in the last few weeks, we see a better opportunity to purchase a cheap flight to India.

Customers who waited until the last minute to book their cheap flight to India this fall are in luck.  While this is not the part of the year with the heaviest demand for India flights, we are seeing some of the best prices we have seen in a long time.

For those customers who want to be in India for the festival season but are unable to travel until the peak part of the year in October we are still seeing higher fares, but they are still lower than they were a few weeks back.  With demand not where the airlines had assumed it would be fares are slowly starting to drop, but if tickets the number of tickets sold jumps quickly expect the fares to go back up.  Overall, if you haven’t purchased a ticket to India for your fall or winter trip this year, now is the best time to book.

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