Pent-Up Demand Is Increasing Prices for Direct Flights to India

For those of you who are planning a trip to India this year, this is the right place to find all of the latest updates and information.  We will help you get to Cheap India Flights at the best price possible, and ensure you have met all the requirements!

With so much pent-up demand over the past 18 months, flights to India are packed now and weeks into the future. Many  Canadians are going to India for the festival season, Christmas break, and just to get out the of cold during the long winter.

The lessened restrictions have increased the allowance of people to get to India, as the massive demand has severely impacted most people’s chance to get a cheap flight to India this year.  Many people are paying more than they ever have to get to India as there are too many customers, and not enough flights!

Many are asking why more flights cannot be added?  The reason is the demand is still being managed by the Indian government through the travel bubble agreements.  While Air India and Air Canada do offer direct flights to India and have added additional capacity recently, it is not nearly enough to make up for a total lack of flights from China and reduced options out of Europe.

Until the airlines manage to catch up with the changing demands of customers, and the Indian government allows for normal commercial operations you can expect to pay more for your flight to India unless you book early.

Only those customers who managed to plan their trip months in advance were able to secure a cheap India flight.  While many people from Toronto are looking to buy a cheap flight to India, most are out of luck unless things change with the number of scheduled flights.

Prices are high as some scrabble to book last-minute flights to catch a wedding, or celebrate Diwali.  While those who are looking to get to India for Christmas are finding prices out of reach or even fully sold-out.  For this reason, we are finding many people are delaying trips until late February when prices finally drop to a more affordable space.  

If you are looking to travel to India this February on the direct flight from Air Canada to Delhi, prices are available from $1,770 or one-way from $920.  While other options are cheaper, most customers are avoiding non-direct flights as we do not know what the testing regime will look like at end of winter 2022.

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For those of you flying from Vancouver to Delhi, it will cost almost the same as fares out of Toronto.  Fares are a few dollars more at $1,790 for a round trip flight on the direct Air Canada service, or $950 for a one-way in 2022.

Flights are incredibly full so there is not much space on the direct flights, so those who are travelling are paying a premium.  Overall, this means that for many who would normally travel with their entire family they are now going on their own, hoping that they will be able to unite everyone together at some point soon.

With so much demand for cheap India flights, the only ones who succeeded in getting a great price were those who planned their India trip early, and booked their flight months ago.  Those who are booking today are scrambling to find a way to get a better price on the direct flights, but it is unlikely that the prices will go down at all this year.

Those who have to go have had to make the sacrifice and pay more than they would like to book with Air Canada or Air India as these are currently the only direct options available.  For those who are still looking to travel to India now or in the next few months, the best advice is to book now before prices go up further!  Don’t forget there so so many people looking to see friends and family again, and get out of this cold winter and into the warmth!

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