The Real Deal with Dolly Bains-Touring India Part 1

I just spent a month touring India with a group of my friends, to a handful of different places. We customised our tour to focus on Spas in India, but also spent and a considerable ​​portion of our trip touring ​the ​foothills of the ​Himalayas .

Kangra valley is not to be missed if visiting India! The Kangra valley is ​far from the ​Himalayas​ however, the snow covered Dhauldhar mountains (South of Kashmir) surround this beautiful valley, and present the most picturesque view​s of them.

​Fresh water str​eams inhibit many areas of the valley​, which ​supply an abundant amount of water for irrigation.​There are ​multiple tea gardens on ​the ​mountain slopes where you can enjoy scenic views of the most beautiful parts of the area.

You ​will have ​the best experience ​touring by car with a chauffeur​, stopping ​at local tea stalls​,​and tast​ing​ the local teas grown in the area.  ​I highly advise that people tour the valley at ​their​ own pace, chat with the local farmers and try some local products. They make pickles with all kinds of vegetables and plants (Aloe Vera pickles are surprisingly delicious!) We bought teas and pickles to enjoy later. A picnic lunch would be ​the ​perfect accompaniment for this visit.


  • Masrur Temple

Dharam Sala is a cute little town in the Kangra Valley.  It is the capital of Himachal, and is situated on the slopes of the mountains. McLeodganj is the headquarters of the Dalai Lama and his followers.  It is north of Dharam Sala, and is visited by thousands of yoga and meditation enthusiasts all year round. The art gallery of Shobha Singh( a hidden gem of Kangra valley) was very impressive.  His life size paintings of Gurus, famous Indian prime ministers, and locals are well worth a visit!

Next stop…Spas! Part 2 of this trip soon to come…..