Removal of Travel Bubble To Get A Cheap India Flight?

INDIA TRAVEL OVERVIEW: This week there is finally some news on the India travel bubbles.  The travel bubbles in India restrict which citizens can travel on certain India flights.  These restrictions mainly reduce the ability for people to connect via 3rd countries.  The bubbles also reduce the number of flights going into India lowering the overall capacity and increasing costs, this has a dramatic impact on your ability to secure cheap India flights.

Due to the Indian travel bubble, currently from Canada, you are not allowed to book a flight on KLM or Lufthansa in the next month due to the agreements signed between their respective governments and India.  In addition, British Airways has been forced to cancel some flights in January due to the assumption of the travel bubble being extended into the New Year.

All of these restrictions in regards to the travel bubble help Air India and Air Canada to earn more revenue, but it severely impacts the ability of India travellers to find cheap India flights.  Now, there is finally some discussion that the travel bubbles will be removed.  While there is some information floating around that they could be dropped as early as December 15th, the fact that there is any discussion bodes well that they will not continue too far into the future. 

Once normal commercial operations resume this will allow for a large increase in the volume of flights from many different countries, which will allow new connection points for travellers around the world going to India!

Right now, there are just too many travellers and too few seats which has made it nearly impossible to find cheap India flights now, or in the next couple of months.  This could change quickly as soon as the travel bubbles are removed.  As customers are looking to find Cheap India Flights, they are looking further into the spring to find a price they can afford.

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PRICING UPDATES INDIA FLIGHTS TORONTO: While prices are still high, they are lower than what is available this winter.  Out of Toronto prices on the direct flight from Air Canada to Delhi are available from $1,775.  If you want to save some money you can purchase the direct flight from Air India for $1,725. 

While direct flights are by far the most popular due to the rules that both the Indian and Canadian governments have in place, if you want to take the risk and connect through a 3rd country, prices can be found for only $1,180.  We are hopeful that the rules will be significantly reduced before the spring and you can finally book cheap India flights again without being forced into a small number of options.

PRICING UPDATES INDIA FLIGHTS VANCOUVER: From Vancouver to India the prices are higher than Toronto to India as there are fewer options available.  While both Air Canada and Air India will have their direct services operating this spring, they do not have the same number of flights that are available out East, which will reduce your ability to secure cheap India flights.

On the Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi you can find prices for $1,795, if you would like to opt for the Air India direct service from Vancouver to Delhi then you can pay a few dollars less at $1,765.

As with flights out of the East, there are much cheaper options available but they stop in a 3rd country.  For example, you could pay as little as $1,492 if the Canadian and Indian governments allowed other airlines to easily operate these routes and reduced the COVID testing requirements.

Overall, the booking pattern for Canada to India travel has remained relatively strong all fall, with customers forced to pay higher prices on both Air Canada and Air India. These two airlines have booked almost every single traveller to India up to this point in 2021! 

This severe lack of choice has made it impossible to secure a cheap India flight this fall.  As discussions are ongoing to remove the India travel bubble, we are extremely hopeful that 2022 will finally bring about new options to reduce prices on Canada to India travel, as our customers looking to find cheap India flights.

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