River Cruising – The Most Intimate Way to See the World!

The primary reason a person would choose to select a river cruise as opposed to an ocean cruise would be the itineraries, the accommodations, food & beverages & very interesting shore excursions.

Some river cruises cater to specific activities that you are able to pre select prior to embarkation. These excursions are referred to as “active & discovery” itineraries.  The most diverse activities would occur on the Danube River.  Sailing between Hungary & Germany (or reverse) you are able to have a GPS device that you are able to check out restaurants in the area, museums or tours of that city.

You can also jump on a bicycle & tour around.  You are able to sign up for walking tours that you have a special interest in & also joining fellow river cruisers at a specialty dinner for that region.

  • European River Cruise Avalon Envision Bar
    European River Cruise Avalon Saigon Observation Lounge
    European River Cruise Avalon Saigon Panorama Suite
  • European River Cruise Avalon Ship Exterior

Once you choose your preferred itinerary, then everything else is included on a river cruise. No paying extra for water, specialty dining or any shore excursion.  Everything is paid up front on a river cruise. No surprises at the end of your journey!

There are sample river cruises starting as short as 4 days. OR you may indulge yourself & opt for a 27 day river cruise!

River cruising takes you right to the heart of major attractions. You just step of the gang plank & you are immersed in the culture of that country.  You will enjoy spacious accommodations on a small intimate setting. There is usually only a maximum of 200 guests on any given river cruise.

Our agents have cruised extensively on numerous river cruises.  We are very knowledgeable & able to answer all of your questions & concerns pertaining to river cruises.

If you are planning a river cruise anywhere in world, contact Diane Short today!  She has experience with all the major river cruise operators:

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