Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The Sanjay Gandhi National park is a must-see when on an India Tour or even if you are on a city tour of Mumbai.  The national park is almost 100 square kilometres in size and is one of the most important living features in the Mumbai area.  This park is so huge that it is known as the lungs of Mumbai!

Even though Sanjay Gandhi National Park is close to city amenities it still has the natural wonder you would think of deep in the jungles of India.  Tigers, monkey and other large mammals all make their home in this beautiful environment. Also, there are many trails and water features that can be hiked by the average person.  All this makes this a must-stop on any India tour especially while in the Mumbai area.

The park itself has a very long history as it contains the Kanheri Caves.  These caves are a destination all themselves and should be explored thoroughly.  After the caves, the main draw of the park is the hiking trails, plentiful animal life and the natural beauty of the park.

There are many trails that you venture on alone or with a guide, you can also visit the butterfly garden or do some relaxing pedal boating on the artificial lake.  One of the most popular attractions at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the Mini Train.  This train runs through a circular route around the gauge covering a large part of the park where you will get plenty of views and see many of the flora and fauna in the area.

As the National Park is a protected area, and one of the most important tourist attractions for residents and visitors to Mumbai, there are rules in place to keep the area clean and pristine.  As many people visit this park as part of their tour of India the natural beauty must be kept for tourists now and far into the future.

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The park encourages all people to walk single file on marked trails only, to keep them from degrading any of the surrounding areas.  In addition, there are strict rules that nothing brought into the park is left behind.  Items like food packaging or cigarette butts can ruin the natural wonder that the park service is trying hard to retain.  For this beautiful area to remain a significant part of future India tours, everyone must do their part to keep it clean.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is divided into three distinct areas, a buffer area, a tourist area and a core area.  The park has seven hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty that all fall within the core area of the park.  The trails provide a great way to see the interior of the park and to get in touch with nature as you feel thousands of miles away from the nearest city.  Many of the trails require you to take a guide to ensure your safety and the protection of the park, you can venture on some trails without a guide but you will have still to pay a fee at the entrance.  For those who are used to trekking on trails, this is a great way to include this as a day trip on your India tour.

While many cities of the world can boast a park within the city limits or very nearby, few have the natural wonder of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.  Due to the dense vegetation and large amount of bio-diversity, this is a great way to see the natural wonder of India without travelling too far from the city center.  When on an India tour, you will want to see the natural beauty of this amazing country.

With many ancient structures being highlights of your journey it is important to remember what the natural world offers and the amazing variety of plants and animals in a tropical climate.

When travelling to India as part of an India tour remember to slow down and enjoy the wonder of this amazing place.

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