The Magical Journey of India

India is the world’s second most populous country and the seventh largest in terms of land mass.  The history of this great country starts with birth of the Indus valley civilizations which give this land a great and diverse set of landmarks to visit on any India Tour.  An India Tour can start with a very simple and short visit to a major city like Delhi or Mumbai or it can be incredibly complex by seeing a large section of this vast land.

India Tours are the start of a wonderful voyage of sights, sounds, colors and smells that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.  A tour in the Northern part of the country will allow you to see the Taj Mahal, the capital of Delhi and the beautiful colors of Rajasthan.

  • Taj Mahal Golden Triangle
    Elephant India Tour

South India Tours will give you a wealth of beauty and excitement that will not be found anywhere else o this great planet.  A relaxing house boat tour in Kerala or a visit to the Periyar wildlife reserve are a few of the highlights that you will visit in the Southern part of the country.

To the West you will find Mumbai (formally Bombay), the beaches of Goa, wildlife reserves and deserts.  Western India has a wide variety of eco systems with rural and urban landscapes coming together.  The big cities and small towns make for an interesting journey along the coast.  The beaches of Goa are one of the best party places in all of the Indian sub-continent and are a requirement for anyone who wants to dance the night away.

  • East India Tigers Nest
    North India Amritsar Golden Temple
    West India Goa Beach Sunset

In the Eastern part of India, you have the Bay of Bengal and the bustling city of Kolkata (formally Calcutta) as the hub of the area.  Tea garden tours and jungle safaris await in this part of the country less likely to be visited by large numbers of tourists.  A great place to find a hidden gem! End the trip to Bhutan to see the mixture of Tibetan and India culture.

The complex and vast territory of India can take an entire lifetime to explore.  The number of cultures, languages, people and eco-systems will allow you to find a new adventure every day without having to travel far.  The country of India waits for you explore and discover the beauty of this great and old civilization.

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